The Flame Presentations

Recommended Reading List

Updated 6/16/05

Love First
Authors: Jeff Jay and Debra Jay
New approach to intervention for alcoholism and drug addiction. $14.95
Excellent! The best book I have ever read on doing effective interventions with family and friends.

Author: Steven Levenkron
The latest approach to the nurturing form of counseling. How to help the person who is cutting. Stories which exhibit ways to deal with clients who cut.

Anatomy of Anorexia
Author: Steven Levenkron
Stories and examples of the latest approach and techniques to help counsel someone with anorexia.

Author: Lonny Shavelson
Written by an emergency room doctor who followed five adult addicts through FREE treatment in San Francisco. Why treatment may not work, even if it is free. Excellent! The last chapter is on the effectiveness of treatment courts.

Author: Meredith Maran
Written in the same format as Hooked, only the author, who’s son used drugs, follows teens through treatment. Very Good if you have an interest in teen addiction and treatment!

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