What Can Parents Do


If your child is in trouble with drugs, you are not qualidfied to help them. Get yourself help. If possible, seek a support group.

Know where your kids are and who they are with.

Make sure you know the families well if your child goes on vacation or spends the night...some people will give your child drugs or alcohol.

Double check where they are at all times.

Listen without judgement...they will test your reactions with stories about their friends.

You will NEVER be ready to hear what your child is telling you.

Denial keeps us from reacting positivly to a situation. "We deny what we cannot morally accept."

Consistant discipline and guidelines.

Talk with your kids about the harmful effects of alcohol and drugs (befor they use them).

Don't wait to figure out what the problem is. Call a professional. Let them figure it out. They are trained.

Get help for yourself.

Role modeling is more effective than any conversation...
Do you have a couple of drinks then drive? If you do, they will ...
Do you wear your seatbelt? If you do, they will ...

Throw out all unnecessary prescription drugs (most 8th grade girls get their drugs from the medicine cabinet where they babysit)!

If your child is 18 years or older, you can go to court and get guardianship until they are 21 if you can show some signs of drug addiction or if they have been in trouble.

Thank the police officer or school official who arrests or challenges your child about their choices. Show support. This isn't about you.

Free Help

CDC evaluation
Mental Health Center evaluation
Minister, school counselor
Drug Task Force
NA, AA, Al-non
County Health Nurse
Teen Challenge for 18 - 21 year olds

Help With Costs

Drug and alcohol counseling
Mental Health Center counseling
Teen Challenge
In-patient treatment at a facility for youth/adults
Spring Creek Lodge @ 827-4344 or 1-888-633-2697 or www.saveyourteen.com

More Excellent websites to view, learn, and use for help
in prevention and understanding of methamphetamines.








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