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Down load the latest FreeWare software from MacroHead & MicroBrain. Get Boulderoid, play BoulderDash true to the C64 original. Riskoid is released on the net.

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MacroHead & MicroBrain were formed in late 1991 primarily to develop software to port games between the Amiga and the pc. Obviously software was required to test the so called interface and here resides the results. Sorry there isn't any recent submissions but we all sort of have real jobs now...

Boulderoid v1.15

Boulderoid is no more. Boulderdash has won - down with the lawyers!

Rockford's back and he's got more colours. Missed R0ckford? Ever wanted to play BoulderDash just as it was on the C64. That's the Commodore 64. A 6502 powered 8-bit beast of the early '80s for those who care. Well Boulderoid is for you. Not only can it emulate the c64's multicolour mode it has its native 256 colour graphics. The archive contains the caves from the original and Rockford's Revenge.

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Boulderoid v2.00

Dear Boulderoid fans (and you know who you are),

Boulderoid has been retired. Due to pressure from the original makers of Boulderdash, we have been forced to stop working on Boulderoid. Even worse, we've been forced to take it off our site.

Alas, this means no more Boulderoid - ever! Enjoy the copies that you have.

Happy Boulderoiding!

Macro Head & Micro Brain

April 10, 2000

Rockford's Revenge

Rockford's Revenge is a C64 BoulderDash Game. You will need a C64 or an emulator to run it. It is a compilation of caves by fans in Ballina, NSW, Australia. It contains some new entities and represents about six months work. Some caves were designed with the construction kit, while others were made with a custom editor.


Download Riskoid is a version of the Classic board game Risk. It incorporates the rules of the original game, as well as some new and exciting additions.

Riskoid features

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