Vineyard, Toronto Blessing and Renewal Information

This site consists mainly of links to information about the Vineyard (Association of Vineyard Churches), the Toronto Blessing and other renewal related sites.

The Vineyard is a movement in the organizational sense. It is a well-defined group of autonomous churches (congregations) with common values. In other words, it's a denomination, although some don't like the term.

The Toronto Blessing is a movement only in a much less definite sense of the word. It spans many different denominations, and not all of the people and leaders in these denominations are "into it" as they say. In this respect it's not unlike the charismatic movement. The name derives from the Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship (formerly Toronto Airport Vineyard) which became a centre of renewal that spread all over the world.

There are other renewal movements, although the various "movements" overlap considerably, but there are different "flavours" or "streams" of renewal. Rodney Howard-Browne is associated with what has been called the "laughing revival" or holy laughter. Some even call it the "laughter movement", a term which sounds as silly to me as calling Pentecostals the "tongues movement". There's also the Pensacola Revival associated with the Brownsville Assembly of God.

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