International Pro-People Facts
International Pro-people facts at the dawn of the 21st Century:

U.S. and the people of the U.S. will go to any length to preserve their standard of living.
Future of the world: U.S. will deplete and consume all the resources of the world at the expense of the rest of the world.
Only those nations and peoples will survive who stay out of the U.S. orbit, manage to survive and develop their own technological capabilities. (All independent nations must rapidly and progressively develop their aeronautical, rocket and space and weapons technologies, not aimed at each other and even at anyone, but for defence from the U.S.).
U.S. will not mind people who merely speak or write against it, but will promptly crush anyone who actually acts or carries out action contrary to its interests.
To thwart U.S. influence, varying degrees of dictatorship and totalitarianism will be required to be adopted by independent nations. (A tragedy). The better option will be of the Chinese or Iranian model of totalitarianism by an oligarchy liked and participated in by many, rather than totalitarianism of an individual. The totalitarianism should have internal democracy and liberalism, while protecting the national and peopleís interest.
The solution to this impasse lies with the democratic people of the U.S., to change the thinking of the American public, dislodge the anti-human militarist U.S. establishment and work for poverty alleviation, world peace, world democracy and progress and ecological preservation.
The hunger of rampant U.S. capitalism has to be checked and cured.

The Other Option:

Let the U.S. colonialist order take root under globalization and then struggle from within. However, this carries the danger of losing whatever ground held and not winning eventually.
The method would be the struggle for democracy and democratic order everywhere. However, the crux would be on the immigrant population in the U.S. When they lobby for their mother countries and racial equality inside the U.S. The U.S. has to implode to rid itself and the world of the shackles of the fascist and racist U.S. establishment.

Pro-people facts regarding Pakistan:

To achieve civilian democratic self-rule, Pakistan will have to undergo a successful period of civilian dictatorship.
Until the military holds the initiative, there can be no independence for the people of Pakistan and Pakistan will remain subservient to America and the western powers. Local, independent capital will never hold ground and achieve independence as a democracy and a country with supremacy of law.
Pakistanís transition from feudalism to modern capitalism will not be through revolution but through democracy and supremacy of civilian rule.
Under the military, Pakistan will remain a non-productive economy, like a patient surviving on drips of donations, aid and loans.
Having said all the above, the Pakistani military must be made into a military might. But civil society should control the military. The military should not control the civil society, but become a part of it.
Without successful civil society, Pakistan will wither away into an American base in the region.
Only democracy and self-determination of civil society can save Pakistan from turning into an American tool and an American pet dog.
It does not matter if an Islamist party comes to power through democracy. That is better than the military ruling Pakistan.
The democratic battle between theocracy and secularism has to be fought within civil society as Pakistanís own self experience. If the people want an Islamic polity, then so be it. That is better than military rule in the name of secularism.
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