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Enjoying at Murree in 2003

Hello and lots of Salaamz 2 all :o)

Greetings from Muhammad Haroon Mukhtar! I welcome you to my website. Hope you are doing as fine as ever. I also hope that you enjoy your visit; and if you dont, well, you know what to do then. Never mind. Anyway, you can find all that this website has got at the left top of this page. Your comments are always welcome. See the bottom for my contact addresses.

ME: I was born in Murree, on June 29, 1983. I grew up in Rawalpindi. I studied at F.G. Sir Syed School and later at APS&C, Rawalpindi. Then I joined MCJ (Military College Jhelum) in May 1996, from where I did my Matriculation and F.Sc. (pre Engg) with reasonable grades. Being unable to make it up to the final selection for MCS as a Technical Cadet on medical grounds, (of which I took care of later on) I joined College of E&ME (Electrical & Mechanical Engineering) as a Nust Student. Here, I am doing graduation in Electrical Engineering. By the grace of <(_|_)| Almighty, 6th Semester will be over soon and only one more will be left.

MY FAMILY: My father is the Principal of a School+College and my mother is a housewife. I have one brother, Saad. He is studying in class 6 at APS&C. I have four sisters as well. By the grace of Allah Almighty, most of the things have been going fine in my family. I pray that it remains the same. Ameen.

MY FRIENDS:In the list of my friends, Sameer Ahmad and Zeeshan Baig, with whom I've spent 5 years at MCJ, were, are, and will remain at the top. Though I had always been making less friends before joining College of E&ME, here I am glad to have a lot of good friends. They are (alphabetically reverse) Zeeshan Haider, Zain Nazir, Vakas Zafar, Raja Usman Mehmood, Noman Saeed, Humza Bilal, Fahad Habib, Ali Arshad and Affaan-al-Aziz.

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