Sweden, Norway and Denmark

On August 12, 2005 we left to spend a week in Sweden and to visit Norway and Denmark. We drove to Kiel, Germany where we boarded a Ferry. 


Day 1

The departure from Kiel, Deutschland (Germany) Ferry to Göteborg, Sverige (Gothenburg, Sweden)

  Day 2

 Göteborg, Bohus Fästning, Fjällbacka 

  Day 3

Swimming in the North Sea, visiting the Påhlsson family 

  Day 4

Gyldenløve Fort, Norge (Norway) 

  Day 5

Lake Swimming and touring Resö and Smögen islands in Sverige

  Day 6

Långekärr, Södra bullaresjön, Friends for Dinner

  Day 7

Liseberg Amusement Park

  Day 8

Swedish Feast at the Påhlsson's.

  Day 9

Visiting Cousins for Lunch, Göteborg Tour, Departure back to Deutschland       

  Day 10 Danmark (Denmark)