MHS 1977 Reunion News
Saturday, July 27, 2002
Martinsville City Park
Shelter #3
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In spite of extremely hot and humid weather, 25 1977 Grads (and a former classmate from grade school) and family members gathered together to catch up on 25 years of news and happenings.  Some of us haven't changed much, some were hard to recognize, but all seemed happy to get together. 

We looked at old yearbooks, talked about things that had happened in school, compared notes on where we were in life versus where we thought we would be, and there were alot of hugs, laughs and a few tears (ok, mostly the author's, but I was always very sentimental.)  We wondered aloud about those unable to make the reunion.  We ate a great pitch-in dinner, watched our kids run amok (the ages present were from teens to toddlers), and took pictures, some of which are available on additional pages to this website for viewing.  A quick e-mail can bring hard copies if you are unable to download, and there are others with pictures that may be able to share.

Another reunion, this one for our 30th, is in the beginning stages.  A quick e-mail can put you in touch with those in charge, namely Mike Baker and Mike Watson. 

Those attending were:  Earl Gerholdt, Mike Baker, Brenda Cecil, Chris Noel, David Hoggatt, Marla Lane, Don Harden, Dena Robb, Sandy Miller, Troy Scott, Mark Richards, Chet Hammer, Jan Allen, Peggy Gonser, Sheryl Snyder, Kim Garber, Mike Watson, Aimee Williams, Danny Maschino, Gloria Wooden, Jeff Fiscus, Brian Hall, Kim McCloud, Coleman Jarrett, Paula Zweck, and special guest Kurt Graybill (who left after 6th grade for Indy.)
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Please direct e-mail to the new mailbox,  The password into this account will be available to alumni, so that all e-mail can be read and answered by all concerned (which keeps any one of us from repeating himself/herself!)
Thank you to all who came to the reunion.  The event was a success because of your attendance.  Special thanks to Brian Hall for the awesome banner, signs and posters.  Thanks, too, to Brenda Cecil Staley for the paper goods.  Mike Watson took care of the shelter costs, and my daughter, Victoria, whose tall stature put her in charge of decorating, thank you very much.  Cole, Brenda, Sandy, and David Hoggatt's wife Lorri took care of cleanup so I could catch up with those leaving.  The surveys were a great help, and paper surveys will be sent to those unable to attend, so we can still catch up with our classmates.
Pictures to be Posted Soon!  Come Back to check them out!
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