Matt's Home Page

We made this little ditty with James's digital camera.

You can email me at

This is Matt's awesome home page. This is just my site that has a bunch of stupid stuff and links. You know, no big whoop.

Tell me what you think of this dump that I made here. Go to this place to fill it out, and do it so I know what you guys are thinking Here

Heres a little ditty about me and some old pics My Info

Ive scanned a few pics, feel free to look, print, or even laugh at the pics

Here are a lot of pics that I have put on my site...who might even be on here!
Pics 1 Pics 2 Pics 3
Pics 4 Pics 5 Pics 6
Pics 7 Pics 8 Prom Pics
Prom Pics 2 Jenny Pics New Jersey Pics

I add things to this site all the time and if you have any ideas send me at email

Here are some awesome pages that I happen to come by
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