McNeil High School
Algebra 2
Welcome to Algebra 2.  This site is designed to assist both students and parents of students who are enrolled in Mrs. Snow's double block sections of Algebra 2. 
Parent Letter
email address:
Fall Term Chapter notes
phone: 464-8246 room number:  P 13 B
Office hours:  M-T-Tr-F  8 - 8:45 am
                      T-W-Tr     4:15 - 5 pm
Spring Term Chapter notes
4th period ---  Wed. May 27 - 2:10 - 4:10 *
8th period --- Thurs. May 28 - 2:10 - 4:10

2nd period --- Mon. June 1 - 9:05 - 11:05
6th period --- Mon. June 1 - 11:15 - 1:15
Students will be expected to be present for the 2nd and 4th period exam blocks to take the final exam.  If students finish, they will not be required to stay for the second block exam period. 
*4th period may stay after school to complete the exam vs. coming in the next day to compete the exam. 
Both classes: if you choose to work on the exam during the second block, you will be expected to stay the ENTIRE SECOND BLOCK EXAM TIME.
Released TAKS Tests
Test by objectives
The textbook used for this class is: 
Prentice Hall Mathematics
Texas Algebra 2
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