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Programming is more of an "Art" than "Science" (Imran, Aug 2002)
Some men see things as they are and say why.. I dream things that never were and say why not!

Welcome to the Jungle !!!
It gets worse here everyday
Ya learn ta live like an animal
In the jungle where we play
(Taken from Guns N' Roses "welcome to the jungle")
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    Muhammad Imran is the name, my IQ (Intelligence Quotient) is 131 certified by , this is my only and personal website. unlike other software developers I don't maintain my own .com website one reason is to fully cash the free stuff available from any where. i am LEO (22-Aug-1980) and in the field of professional development since May-1999 i.e i was just 19. The rare qualities i have and most the the software developers lack are

High resolution does not only mean eye strain, it also means more coverage and more readability and more room for toolbars, At these resolutions why use a paid version of Opera so ....
increase resolution today and make Opera banner shrink away....

HOT NEW!!! [11 September 2005]
What is MP4 or H-264 or H264 or H.264 or H-26L or H.26L or H26L or MP4-Base-10 Also what is MPEG7, MPEG21
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What is MP4 H-264 H264 H.264 MP4-Base-10.PDF [Acrobat PDF 1.4 MB]
Unfortunately the Html page is only compatible with Internet Explorer and other browsers may not show some pictures.
Version 1.0 (11-September-2005)
By: Muhammad Imran (Islamabad, Pakistan) (without dashes i.e. imran1) to avoid spam search engines
Dedicated to “Nazia Hassan” & “Zoheb Hassan” Pop Legends of Pakistan and South Asia

HOT NEW!!! [11 September 2005]
How To Convert MediaPlayer Play-List "WPL" to Winamp and other players compatible "M3U" File
I have developed a simple Microsoft Excel Technique. These are few very steps.

HOT NEW!!! [11 September 2005]
How To Extract Web Links URLs From Opera save-session file i.e. .WIN and make HTML File containing Links only!

I have developed a simple Microsoft Excel Technique. These are few very steps.
The little complex excel formula assumes that every URL it encounters has "http" or "https" word, hence this formula will not support "ftp" i.e. "ftp://" at all. If you need just email me at my gmail with descriptive subject.

My Ex-Hobby
Screen Shots of major Soft-wares from start to end of thier Installation

28 Sep 2003