AFC East Standings
NY Jets 9-7
New England
Miami 9-7
Final Regular Season Standings
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Junior Seau With The Dolphins
After all the talk about Junior Seau, the Miami Dolphins finally got the 12 time Pro Bowl linebacker. Miami exchanged a 2004 conditional draft pick with the San Diego Chargers to get Seau. This coming season will be the 34 year old's 14th season in the NFL and first away from the Chargers.

Miami Dolphins 2002 Season Pictures
Check out this collage of pictures from the 2002 Season.
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2002:  The Final Step To Success?
By:  Bobby Seifter

Most Dol-Fans think of the 2002 season as a bust, or something that "could have been."  Maybe we shouldn't think of it as a bust though, but as a final piece of the puzzle. Last year showed us what we have, what we need, and may give us a sense of what next year is going to be like. We are projected to have all 22 starters back, now that Gadsden has tested the free agent market and failed. This is what I have figured out about our team for next year:
-Ricky Williams is obviously one of the elite running backs in the NFL, maybe the best. He rushed for over 1,800 yards, and with the help of a hopefully improved
O-Line, he might just do the unspeakable. He might rush for 2,000 yards. Now, if only Dave knew how to utilize him better in the 4th quarter.....
-Jason Taylor is the best defensive end in the league, hands down. He could have broken Michael Strahan's record or sacks, and was double teamed almost the whole year. Look for him to be sickly triple teamed next year. Then again, they will have to watch out for speedy Adewale Ogunleye, who is up and coming.
-Randy McMichael could be one of the best all-around tight-ends in the game next year. I know this is what we all said about Chris Chambers last year, and we ended up under-utilizing him. I think Dave will learn from that experience, and use Chris and Randy better next year. McMichael is one of Feidler's favorite targets, and is a great catcher, runner, and tackle breaker.
-This team NEEDS Jay Fiedler. Without him, we went 2-4, and he is perfect for Norv Turner's offense. I know that this subject is very debatable, but I personally think he is fine for this team.
-Dave needs to fix his coaching techniques. This fourth quarter "lay down and die" stuff is ruining our chances to ever be winners. He needs to open up more, be more aggressive, and utilize the best running back in the league better in the 4th quarter. Without coaching changes, this team doesn't change.
I think that we had and have great talent. We are easily one of the most gifted teams out there, but coaching and strategy held us back. If the coaching improves, we get another decent wide receiver, and a big play outside line backer, you should look for us in January.
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