Eating Disorder Support and Awareness

It is not a lifestyle.

If you are in control of your eating disorder, then it is a diet. If your diet controls you, then it is a disorder.

Mission Statement.
(Why did I create this website?)

Learn about eating disorders
Already living in hell?
Using material from this website
My story.

I would love to have an entire section of this website dedicated to real stories of EDs. So far, all i have is my own story. If anyone at all is willing to contribute something, attach a name and age (it can be just your first name, or a fake name if you need to be anonymous) and send it to The world (as a whole) doesn't know much about real eating disorders... I want to show the real side of them. Maybe if they weren't so glamorized and made to seem like simple weight-loss... Less people would develop them.

This website will be constantly under construction as I strive to make it as informed and helpful as possible.

to contact me- please, no hate mail. i am not running a pro-ana/mia site, i simply want to spread truth and acceptance. living with an ED often results in feeling rejected or misunderstood, i offer acceptance and my "tips and tricks" are more safety precautions. please actually read my site before sending me hate mail.