This is where I will keep you updated on my husband, Paul. You will mostly hear about his work-- which is mostly, what I hear about. If you would like to contact him to build a bumper or what-have-you, as long as it is made out of metal: you can e-mail him.
This is his latest bumper/brushguard, he built for his K-5 Chevy Blazer. This is all I will say about the blazer, for it and I do not like each other very much. I'd really like to find another home for it, but the two of them have grown so attached. Bigger toys for bigger boys, I always say.
This is a picture of the 21 ft.cross Paul built for Kingwood Assembly of God, while the work was still in progress.  It's going to be beautiful. This cross was designed by Craig Huett, who has become a very good friend of ours. I will add a photo of their project when they have it up. For those of you familiar with Kingwood, it will be in front of the church, behind the waterfall, with lights shining down from it.
Stay tuned and check in often, Paul has been busy this summer, building a new project and I will be adding photos soon!  In fact, he will have his own website for his new hobby/side-business! I'll let you all know when this site is available!
updated Aug. 03