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In the midst of the USCW's eastern theatre in Frederick, MD, I enjoy actually going to the hallowed ground where our ancestors fought, bled, and died for our freedom and our cultural philosophies (and maybe a medal or two to take home to show the girl next door).

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What is my objective?
Serving your needs in US Civil War Research, I can assist you in getting started in your search. Email your search subject and let me quote you some options and possible sources that you yourself can access at minimal expense.

Who am I and what can I offer you?
My Name Is Thomas J. Manson and for 25 years I have been researching soldier's records in the Union Army with excellent results and many satisfied customers. I started out back in 1975 researching my own ancestors' records. What a find I made! That created so much interest in the hobby, that I became involved in reenacting and in support of that hobby, delved into significant research and study. There is a lot of material out there waiting to be read! (Sorry, I don't have a lot of experience with Confederate soldiers' records. But I am willing to take a shot at it if you are sincerely interested) [That is me on the left with my coffee boiler sitting in the east gate-room at Fort Washington on the Potomac River south of Washington, DC.]

Information which is available:
Along with the links below, there is one pointing to reenactor's equipment resources for sale. This is a limited supply and is available from this site only Use the email address of phone numbers above for inquiries or orders). Just click on the link below to see the list.

Products/Services available:
I can help you start your research or can help you find what you are looking for regarding Federal (Union) Soldier information. Specializing in Pennsylvania, Maryland, New York, and Delaware soldiers, and Antietam, Gettysburg, Monocacy and Northern Virgina campaigns, I can provide you with significant leads or information that can get you started or finish the job in your research.

Click on the "Antietam National Cemetery" link to see the sesult of one of my research trips.

Relaxing with Coffee, Ft Washington National Park, MD
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