Fortescue Missouri, October 2000
Battle of Blair Hill Reenactment

The Consolidated Company 7th and 30th Missouri Vols. (A.K.A. Missouri Irish Brigade) Under the command of 2nd Lieut Merriman, withdraws in good order, while Captain Crofutt (who is the Acting Battalion Commander), directs the 18th Missouri, as they act as rear guard, slowing the Rebel advance.
(Pictured Below)
Fortescue MO. October 2002 The (Provisional) Missouri Nebraska Battalion has been ordered to form.  The 1st Company (portrayed by the 1st Nebraska Vols.) moves into position as the 2nd Company waits.  Notice the 1st Nebraska using the early war manuel of arms. Since the Reenactment of Blairs Hill was an early 1861 event, the Battalion used Scotts Drill for the weekend in an attempt to correctly portray the early war Federals of the Battle of Blairs Hill.
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Update - Mark your calendars now. Fortescue will once again be held in October 2005.  This will be the best Fortescue EVER!!!