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     I'm using this page to document and propagate the evolution of my sketchbooks. The original introduction is here with a blue background.
The idea of showing these books on the wall was Melinda Barker's at Bukowski's. I've since been asked to show them at the Britannia branch library's Gallery Project. I'd like to revamp this page periodically and even name it soon. Incidentally there are far more sketchbooks than I can even name here never mind represent.

This is an idea from Jennifer Gordon at the University of Lethbridge that I just couldn't quit. I like painting in 2nd hand novels. The size is appropriate for the quick gestures captured herein. I can go for pages on the same theme and even in secret. Sketches I want to continue with I can blow up and transfer to more durable media. These books are public books, executed in public and shown in the same forum. They're irresistable at coffee shops, especially to people with an interest in poetry (?) Someone once, by sheer determination found a picture of James Joyce. Alot of literary critics (who pick up my books) feel that "Portrait of a Young Man" is a boring book and deserves to be drawn on. This is the extent of my knowledge of the author besides what I have gleaned innetween paint strokes. I have since moved onto sketchpads. An appropraite step although me and other followers of the books miss the poetry.

     These are like a visual diary. "The Collected Works of John Keats" was begun in the Spring of  2000, and is still being painted. The drawings for "Portrait of an Artist as a Young Man" were done in a month. Generally the picture deal in the people, places, and weather changes of my neighbourhood on the Drive in E.Vancouver. I have more books and I continue to paint even the drawings documented here. 


Last year Mike had solo shows at Don Giovanni's, Bukowski's (with Jordan Bent), Mecca, Lugz, and Turks and showed at the Roundhouse for the annual collaberative performance peice "Anu." He'll be showing over a dozen books at the Britannia Branch Library in July. He'll also be performing at the Railway Club in May.

7 printmaking methods 1997     the portrait ongoing the 3 minute portrait experiment (25 in a 3 day marathon)2003 the Carnegie Hall Sessions 2001   lil' nudes (paint on photograph of large life studies) 1997-2003 pen & ink drawings from t.v. 1994 "Rachmaninoff" & other Composers (very recent work in development) 2003 portrait of an artist as a young man (& other novels drawn by me) 2000-2002 paintings of C.R. Avery's "A Shotgun Wedding"  2002 "the quick brown fox"  is out for awhile moonmojo(5 songs) 2003 the diarial adventures of Mickey the Swan 2002 sha.la.la.la (the late 20th Century . Bop) 1988 a contribution to Jabbar Al Janabi's "Anu"2001 commercial work ongoing  studies of bus stops  1988 studies of taverns 1988