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Above - Silver Age Marvel Characters by Robert Bradley [Daredevil, Nick Fury, Hawkeye, the Vision, Quicksilver, the Scarlet Witch, Yellowjacket, the Wasp, Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, Spider-Man, the Thing, the Human Torch, the Invisible Girl, Mister Fantastic, Doctor Strange, the Sub-Mariner. The Hulk, Professor Charles Xavier, the Iceman, Marvel Girl, the Beast, the Angel and Cyclops]

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Due to the sheer number of micro-heroes that I've made so far [over 4,000 and counting] I'll be using The Micro-Hero Archive as the archive for my work.  This site will be used mainly for showing some of my favorites and commenting on them.

This site is always under construction
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A Brief History of Micro-heroes

Frequently I'm asked about the history of Micro-heroes since I got in on the ground floor and have been participating in the Micro-hero community since its inception.  Let me take a chance to address some of those questions here -

Micro-heroes first appeared on Alvaro's Comic Boards during the summer of 2001. The original version were first made by Donar [Gavan Carstensen] and based on templates from [the website of a company marketing an applet which used Java to make similar graphics].  Donar considered naming them 'Pocket Powers' but instead settled on 'Micro-heroes.' The Micro-heroes (each of which at that point in time generally had a small animation) quickly caught on as avatars on the message board with several creators [including Torch [Rich Bellacera], Whirlwind, OMike [Michael Bradley], AG [Scott], 1401, Jay Phoenix, Archangel [Chris Lund], Erik!, Ralph Haring, Lightningstrike [Mike Berry], Michael Kaiser and myself] plying their talents to turn the templates into a virtual army of comic book characters.

Originally, many of the Micro-hero makers concentrated on making characters which had not been done by others, but they quickly found themselves adopting the stance that multiple versions of characters were fine and that the enjoyment of making them was more important than worrying whether the quality of your work matches up to or exceeds with the quality of someone else's.

Over time micro-heroes creators have reached far beyond comic books for inspiration. All areas of pop culture - including movies, television, toys, professional wrestling, video games, historical figures, sports and music - are among the many influences, with innumerable sites popping up all over the Internet, and it's been that way since the beginning.  Some of the very first micros on the Stortroopers templates included the band Kiss, Star Wars and Star Trek characters, the Micro-hero creators themselves, and a variety of subjects.  A diversity of subjects has always been encouraged by the Micro-heroes community.

In November of 2001 the fledgling Micro-hero 'community' ran into some serious trouble when e-mailed a 'cease and desist' message to each of them forcing them to abandon the original template in order to protect their copyright.  Soon after this, Donar created the Lilguyz Yahoo group, and after a brief discussion among the group members, Torch [Rich Bellacera] and I created a new template.  Donar left the group shortly after that as the struggles with Stortroopers sapped his interest, but
Whirlwind, Rive, Urban, Brad Monge and Namor [Jeff Sequiera] joined the group. SHortly afterward I began creating templates inspired by the comics art of some of his favorite artists, beginning with Jack Kirby and including John Byrne, George Pérez, Neal Adams, John Buscema, Steve Ditko, Gil Kane, Jim Starlin, Dave Cockrum, Walt Simonson and Bruce Timm.

The Micro-heroes archive has had multiple unofficial homes, beginning with
Johnny Patches's Micro Template archive. Another early archive was Ze Ball Beaker Micro-Heros Site. The first 'official' Lilguyz archive was the Brad Monje's Official Lilguys Micro-Hero Archive.  Eventually, Ben Cooper, a longtime Lilguyz member stepped up and started the Foxgnaws Micro- and Pixel-Hero archive which now has over 20,000 micros in its collection.

Eventually an offshoot of pixel art known as Pixelheroes began after a template was created by Cooper.  Pixelheroes often appear in the Lilguyz Yahoo group, usually as the work of one of the regular contributors to the group.  Additional Pixelhero templates have been created by Urban and The Collector.

In 2006 the original template became available for use again when placed them under a Creative Commons License, allowing their use for non-commercial purposes. With this news, members of the Micro-heroes Yahoo Group resumed making and posting them to their own group.

"Frankensteining" is a term used to describe Micro-heroes, dollz, or other similar graphics, that have been created by using multiple parts of previously created graphics.  It is much like the old fashioned "paper doll", where bits and pieces of clothing are layered over the top of a picture. Many Micro-hero creators begin by using this method.  Everyone is encouraged to move beyond this stage and create their own unique styles.  Many people do enjoy this method, though, and the goal is to enjoy what you are doing.  Generally, it is acceptable to use what others have created within limits.  You should remember to credit those whose work you have used, and Micro-heroes which incorporate a large portion of their appearance from other Micro-heroes with only minor coloring changes and/or editing are usually looked upon as derivative.  Some creators do not mind how parts they have made are used, but other creators are quite adamant about being given credit.

I've been making micro-heroes since late 2001, shortly after they first appeared on the original Stortrooper template.  After making them en mass early on I've honed my craft a bit and improved my technique to the point where I can now make passable "artist-inspired" templates [usually as an homage to my favorite creators].  As a charter member [and moderator] of the Lilguyz Yahoo group, I was involved in the creation of the 'Lilguyz template' which [in one version or another] is generally the one in use for the majority of Micro-heroes being made today.

SOURCES: The Micro-heroes Yahoo Group, Alvaro's,

Above - Original version micro-heroes by Robert Bradley [the Black Knight, the Black Widow, Hercules, Quicksilver, the Scarlet Witch, Goliath, the Wasp, Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Hawkeye, Vision, the Black Panther, the Beast and Wonder Man]


Above - Pixelheroes created by Ben Cooper [Thor, Iron Man, Yellowjacket, the Wasp, Captain America, the Scarlet Witch, Hawkeye and the Vision] and Robert Bradley [Hulk, Rick Jones, Quicksilver, Edwin Jarvis, the Swordsman, Hercules, the Black Panther, the Black Knight, the Black Widow, Mantis, Moondragon, the Beast, Hellcat, Wonder Man, Vance Astro, Charlie-27, Martinex, Yondu, Starhawk, Aleta, Nikki, the Whizzer, the Two-Gun Kid, Ms. Marvel, the Falcon, Jocasta, Tigra, She-Hulk, Captain Mar-Vell, Pulsar, Starfox, Mockingbird, War Machine, the Sub-Mariner, the Thing, Doctor Druid, Moonknight, Marrina, D-Man, Mister Fantastic, the Invisible Woman, USAgent, Quasar, Human Torch I, Sersi, Sandman, Spider-Man, Living Lightning, Crystal, Thunderstrike, Machine Man, Justice, Firestar, Triathlon, Jack of Hearts, Ant-Man, Kang and Ultron], and Ryan [Yellowjacket II, Gilgamesh, Firebird, Stingray, Rage, Spider-Woman II, Swordsman II, Darkhawk, Magdalene, Deathcry, Moira Brandon, Iron Man (Teen Tony), Masque and Silverclaw]

Marvel Comics

Above - Marvel characters by Robert Bradley [first row - Howard the Duck and Professor Charles Xavier; second row - Doctor Doom, the Hulk, Daredevil, the Sub-Mariner, the Silver Surfer, Doctor Strange, the Thing, Mister Fantastic, the Invisible Woman, the Human Torch, the Beast, Marvel Girl, Angel, Cyclops, Iceman; third row - Shang Chi, Magneto, Captain Mar-Vell, Killraven, Luke Cage, Adam Warlock, the Punisher, Deathlok, Wolverine, Nightcrawler, Colossus, Storm, the Two-Gun Kid; fourth row - Nick Fury, the Rawhide Kid, Werewolf by Night, Spiderwoman, Nova, Moonknight, Dracula, Ghost Rider, Kid Colt, Son of Satan, the Man-Thing, Iron Fist, Black Bolt and Ka-Zar]

DC Comics

Above - DC characters by Robert Bradley [first row - Catwoman, the Atom, Hawkman, Nightwing, the Martian Manhunter, the Flash, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Captain Marvel, Aquaman, Black Canary, Green Arrow, Zatanna Zatara and Supergirl; second row - Commissioner James Gordon, Firestorm, Doctor Fate, Blue Beetle, the Elongated Man, Sgt. Frank Rock, Lois Lane, Metamorpho, Powergirl, the Joker, Adam Strange, Batgirl, Jonah Hex, Harlequin, Lex Luthor, Hawkgirl, Jimmy Olsen, Plastic Man and Deadman]

About Me

I'm Robert Bradley and I live in Phoenix, AZ.  Besides making Micro-heroes I also spend a good deal of my time doing basketball historical research, and am the founder and President of the Association for Professional Basketball Research [], authored the book THE COMPENDIUM OF PROFESSIONAL BASKETBALL RESEARCH and co-wrote/researched the chapter on pre-World War II basketball leagues in TOTAL BASKETBALL: THE ULTIMATE BASKETBALL ENCYCLOPEDIA.

My comic book interests should be obvious if you looked around my site.  Mainly Marvel Comics from the Silver Age and Bronze Age, but also DC comics from the same era.  I'm a huge AVENGERS fan, collecting the title since 1974 [I started with AVENGERS #129 and GIANT-SIZE AVENGERS #2, both of which I bought at the corner convenience store and still have in my collection].  I'm also a fan of THE FANTASTIC FOUR, AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, CAPTAIN AMERICA, IRON MAN, THUNDERBOLTS, YOUNG AVENGERS and THE JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA.

Marvel Comics

Adam Warlock by Gil Kane - Kane was the Artist at the beginning of the Counter-Earth stories in Marvel Premiere - some of the best Warlock stories [along with Jim Starlin's].

The Angel by Don Heck - Heck was one of Marvel's workhorse artists, and he redesigned the X-Men in Uncanny X-Men #39.  Included in that revamp was this look for the Angel.

Beast by John Byrne - The Beast always seemed such a great fit for the Avengers where he was a lot more light-hearted than he was in the X-Men.

Black Knight by Sal Buscema - When I started collecting comics the Black Knight was this stone guy the Defenders were trying to cure.  Things have improved for him since then.

Black Bolt of the Inhumans by John Byrne - The Amazing Adventures stories [by Adams] and Inhuman stories [by Perez] were good, but they didn't stay on long enough to keep them afloat.  

Black Panther by John Byrne - I started reading the Panther's stories around the time of Panther's Rage in Jungle Action.  Still some of the best T'Challa stories ever.

Black Widow by Gene Colan - Natasha Romanoff [Romanova] was great in Astonishing Tales, Daredevil and Champions after starting out as an Iron Man foe.

Captain America by Jack Kirby - Cap has always been the ideal hero.  But becoming the peak of human abilities through the super solder formula and hard work.

Nomad by Sal Buscema - I jumped onboard during the Nomad storyline in Captain America in 1974.  One of the classic Cap tales.

Captain Marvel by Sal Buscema - Buscema was always overshadowed by his brother John, but was dependable and a great storyteller.

Clea - She was Doctor Strange's apprentice and came from another dimension, but made her really interesting were Frank Brunner's drawings......

The Collector - I was introduced to him in Marvel Triple Action's reprint of Avengers #28, and have to admit he's just an overzealous collector like most of us who read comics.

Colossus - I sure wish I'd kept my copy of Giant-Size X-Men #1.  Colossus's appeal for me was that he was a bit naive and idealistic.

Crystal of the Inhumans by Neal Adams - I was introduced to her in Marvel's Greatest Comics where they reprinted the old Lee/Kirby FF classics.  

Cyclops by Jim Lee - I stopped reading the X-Men after John Romita Jr. left the title, but Jim Lee is hugely popular so here you go.

Daredevil by Bob Brown - Brown was drawing Daredevil & the Black Widow when I started reading it and had just finished an excellent stint on Avengers.

Doctor Doom - Doom is the best villain in comics - delusional, dictatorial, egomaniacal, and a tremendous threat.  Something that escaped them when they made the FF movie...

Doctor Druid - I've always liked the Doctor Druid stories that I've read - especially the Monster Hunter story.  I hope he returns someday.

Doctor Strange by John Romita Jr. - I like Strange as a character, but Englehart and Stern's stories are easily my favorites.

The Enchantress by John Buscema - My introduction to the Enchantress came in Avengers #83 when she disguised herself as the Valkyrie and formed the Lady Liberators.

Fin Fang Foom - If you get a chance, pick up the recent Marvel Monster series, they were all great - Devil Dinosaur was probably my favorite.

Frankenstein's Monster by Mike Ploog - Ploog specialized in monster comics in the early 70s, giving them a very creepy feel, much like Bernie Wrightson

Sgt. Nick Fury from the Howling Commandos.  War comics like Sgt Fury and Sgt Rock used to be huge - Sgt. Fury was one of Marvel's best-sellers in the late 60's.

The Ghost Rider by Mike Ploog - The early Ghost Rider stories are great and Ploog's art there and on Werewolf by Night was fabulous.

The Green Goblin by Ross Andru - They should have kept Harry as the Green Goblin, he was crazy enough to make Peter Parker's life a nightmare.

Hawkeye by Rich Bucker - This costume is about as 1970's as you can get.  But He's a great "everyman" character despite his brief stint in a skirt.

Henry Pym as Yellowjacket by John Byrne - inspired by the two-issue story in Marvel Team-Up by Byrne and Chris Claremont.

Hercules by Bob Layton - My favorite Hercules stuff is the Bob Layton mini-series - which were great fun.  Skyppy the Skrull and the Recorder take a bow! 

Hercules Wearing the Nemean Lion Hide - Inspired by his appearance in the latest Thing series.

Howard the Duck - Howard came from a time when Marvel tried a lot of different things.  To bad the tone of the character was changed so drastically for the movie.

The Hulk by Jack Kirby - His first book was cancelled after six issues, so who would have thunk it that the Hulk would have his own TV series and movie?

The Human Torch by Frank Robbins - I loved the Invaders and the Human Torch in particular.  But the poor guy really got the short end of the stick when it comes to Golden Age revivals.

The Human Torch by Rich Buckler - Bucker was drawing the FF when I started collecting and Johnny Storm was wearing this costume which was a tribute to the original Torch.

The Iceman by Neal Adams - Adams's work was so innovative and his X-Men were brilliant, but it's hard to believe that sales were so poor that the title was cancelled after his run.

Invisible Woman by Jack Kirby - The Invisible Girl/Woman is probably my favorite FF member - especially during John Byrne's run.  

Iron Man with arms raised - Iron Man has been my favorite subject for micros by far.

The Jackal by Ross Andru - from the era when I started reading Spider-Man comics.

Kang the Conqueror by Sal Buscema - Kang is my favorite Avengers' villain mainly because of the Celestial Madonna Saga.

Kid Colt - Steve Englehart brilliantly included the Western gunfighters in his time-travel stories in the Avengers, so I learned about them early on.

Machine Man by Jack Kirby - Just because I think the animation's cool.

Jean Grey as Marvel Girl by Don Heck - Another of Heck's redesigns.  Before the X-Men got so damn confusing....

Millie the Model - Just to show off the model template and who better to use?

The Mimic - Another animation that turned out great.

Mister Fantastic by Jack Kirby - Believe it or not, it took me a few months to actually realize he was called "Mr. Fantastic."   Really.

Ms. Marvel by Dave Cockrum - She was part of the big feminism boom of the early 70's.  She was a very unconventional female character.

Nightcrawler by Dave Cockrum - Every once-in-a-while you just nail the look of a character and I think I did that here.

Nighthawk by Sal Buscema - I was a big Defenders fan too, But Nighthawk never got past being a second-rate Batman.

Not Brand Ecch's Forbush Man - Not Brand Echh was a lot of fun.  You can tell they really enjoyed making it.

The Phantom Rider - formerly the Ghost Rider before his name got usurped.

The Punisher by Frank Miller - He's not one of my favorites, but I did really like the early Frank Miller stuff.

Quicksilver by Scott Kolins - Earth's Mightiest Heroes was a nice series that expanded on the early issues of the Avengers.

The Rawhide Kid by John Byrne - Just no Rawhide Kid by Ron Zimmerman please.

The Red Skull by Mike Zeck - He's Marvel's most evil villain, 'Nuff said.

ROM, Spaceknight - Making things look metallic can be really tough, but I like how the "Greatest of the Spaceknights" turned out.

Ronan the Accuser by Jack Kirby - Emissary of the Kree.

Scarlet Witch by Sal Buscema - Bendis has really screwed her up so I'm hoping he doesn't ever want to use her again.  Let somebody else try to fix her.

Shang-Chi, Master of Kung Fu by Paul Gulacy - Martial Arts were the rage in the 70s, and Shang-Chi's book had a really nice run.

She-Hulk by John Byrne - Not my favorite as an Avengers, but I liked her in the Fantastic Four as the Thing's temporary replacement.

The Silver Surfer by Kevin Maguire - Yeah, his appearance in the Defender's mini-series drawn by Maguire was goofy, but I love his art.

The Skrulls by John Byrne - The Skrulls were always interesting to me, I always thought alien shape-shifters had a lot of potential.

Son of Satan by Herb Trimpe - When they revised the Comic Code guys like this started popping up all over.

Spider-Man by John Byrne - Byrne drew what was probably my favorite run in Marvel Team-Up.

Spider-Woman by Frank Cho -- He only drew her in one issue of New Avengers, but Frank Cho sure draws her well......

Squirrel Girl of the Great Lakes Avengers- I hope I never get t
o old to enjoy characters like Squirrel Girl and comics like Great Lakes Avengers.

Stilt-Man - Another fun animation.

Storm by Dave Cockrum  Cockrum drew my favorite comic [Giant-Size Avengers #2] and was the artist when the X-Men were revamped.  RIP Dave.

Sunfire by Don Heck - Heck's importance at Marvel in the 1960s is often overlooked.  He drew Iron Man, the Avengers and Thor among others.

Prince Namor, Sub-Mariner by John Byrne - He's obnoxious and arrogant, but I've always enjoyed him.

The Swordsman - Always a favorite of mine, he was a loser who gave it his all at the end for the lover who spurned him.

The Thing - The blushin' blue-eyed Thing always enjoys a good stogie.

Thor by Walt Simonson - Walt Simonson did something that nobody else could - he made Thor really interesting to me.

Tigra as the Cat - A nice pose template that was created by someone on the Lilguyz group.

Tom Thumb of the Squadron Supreme - This one is included just because I think it turned out so cool.

Two Gun Kid by John Byrne - Inspired by some really nice work in The Champions.

Ultron by Bruce George Perez - He's got to be done in battleship gray, not silver.

Valkyrie - Another female character from the feminism days of the 70s - "Up against the wall male chauvinist pig!"

Vance Astro of the Guardians of the Galaxy by Sal Buscema - The Guardians were really great, although the ozone layer wasn't *really* destroyed in the 1990s....

The Vision by John Byrne - Why they keep trying to change him I don't know. He's the best as he was originally - an android struggling to fit in with humans.

The Wasp by Carlos Pacheco - If you're a long-time Avengers fan and haven't read Avengers Forever by Busiek, Stern and Pacheco, shame on you.

Werewolf by Night by Mike Ploog - Bruce Banner likes purple pants, Jack Russell likes green ones.

Wolverine by Frank Miller - He's not a favorite, but the miniseries by Claremont and Miller is terrific.

Wonder Man by John Byrne - No, not the mullet or "Christmas Tree" version.

Xemnu the Titan - Formerly known as the Hulk, Xemnu has made several post-FF #1 appearances.

Baron Zemo of the Thunderbolts - The Thunderbolts is a great read.  What was Marvel thinking when they tried to make it a "Fight Club" comic?

DC Comics

Aquaman by Alex Ross - Gotta love an artist who remains true to the Silver Age like Ross does.

The Atom Mini-Micro - Just because it seems appropriate.

Batgirl by Brian Bolland - Not exactly Yvonne Craig, but it'll have to do.

Bat Lash by Nick Cardy - Cardy drew tons of DC covers, as well as Bat Lash and other series.

Batman by Brian Bolland - Bolland's art in The Killing Joke was stellar, as were his Batman covers.

Brainiac by Kurt Schaffenberger - Obviously he comes from a planet where pink is not stigmatized.

Black Canary by Brian Bolland - Super-heroines in fishnets, part one.  Gotta love it.

Captain Marvel by Alex Ross - He really seems to love "The Big Red Cheese."

Catwoman from Batman Returns - Michele Pfeiffer made that movie worth seeing.

The Flash by Dick Dillin - Dillin drew the JLA for so long and so well that it's hard to pick anyone else as the #1 JLA artist.

Green Arrow by Neal Adams - Adams and Denny O'Neil introduced topical stories in Green Lantern with Green Arrow as his foil.

Ch'p, the Green Lantern - Hey, he's a chipmunk with a power ring.  What's not to like?

Green Lantern by Gil Kane - Kane drew the Green Lantern for years, along with a long run on the Atom.

Hawkman by Joe Kubert - Kubert's sons are popular but still have to take a backseat to their day.

The Joker by Brian Bolland - The Killing Joke by Bolland and Alan Moore is one of my favorite Batman stories and the Joker is just.... nuts.

Jonah Hex - He could use a little cosmetic surgery I think.

Lady Blackhawk by Brian Bolland - She looks a bit better than Jonah Hex, right?

Lois Lane by John Byrne - From the Man of Steel mini-series that redefined Supes.

Lex Luther by Kurt Schaffenberger - When Luthor was more of a mad scientist than a evil businessman.

Martain Manhunter by Darwyn Cook - From New Frontier, which was an amazing series.

Superman by Joe Shuster - From Action Comics #1.  I'm looking forward to the new movie, despite reservations about the costume.

Two-Face by Brian Bolland - I just like how he turned out.

Wonder Woman by Adam Hughes - Hughes is known for his cheesecake covers and he didn't disappoint on his Wonder Woman ones.  Still, she's no Lynda Carter....

Zatanna Zatara by Bolland - Super-heroines in fishnets, part II.

Archie Comics

Archie Andrew, Archie Comics  

Jughead Jones, Archie Comics

Veronica Lodge, Archie Comics

Josie McCoy, Archie Comics

Miscellaneous Comics

Tom Strong, ABC Comics

The Spirit by Will Eisner

Radioactive Man, Bongo Comics

Hellboy, Darkhorse Comics

Syzygy Darklock of Dreadstar by Jim Starlin, Epic Comics

Vanth Dreadstar by Jim Starlin, Epic Comics

Jon Sable by Mike Grell, First Comics

Reuben Flagg of American Flagg by Howard Chaykin, First Comics

E-Man from Charlton Comics

Red Sonja from Darkhorse Comics

Vampirella from Harris Publications

Liberty Meadows by Frank Cho from Image Comics

The Rocketeer from Pacific Comics

Betty of The Rocketeer by Pacific Comics

Silver Agent of Astro City by Wildstorm Comics

Ape Sapien of Hellboy by Darkhorse Comics

Movies & Television

Captain Malcolm Reynolds of Firefly

Commander Peter Quincy Taggert of Galaxy Quest

Blue Falcon from Hanna Barbera

Mr. Incredible of the Incredibles

Lynda Carter of Wonder Woman

Indiana Jones of Raiders of the Lost Ark

James T. Kirk of Star Trek

Mr. Spock of Star Trek

Lt. Worf of Star Trek 

Han Solo of Star Wars

Luke Skywalker of Star Wars

Princess Leia Organa of Star Wars







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Phoenix Suns, NBA, c. 1975

Real People

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David Letterman from Avengers #239 c. 1980

President George Washington c. 1780

President Abraham Lincoln c. 1860

Miscellaneous Stuff

Pilgrim - One I did for Thanksgiving a couple years back.

Playboy Bunny - Good use of the model template if you ask me!

Scantily-Clad Woman - From Mad Magazine

Continental Army Soldier c. 1780

Original Version Micro-heroes

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Captain Marvel

Doctor Strange



Silver Surfer


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