About Us:
We are a small family owned kennel located in Hopkins Co. Kentucky. Our goal is to produce top notch and well rounded American Pitbull Terriers. We are greatful to say that we have the priviledge to breed and raise some of the best blood you can find. We mainly deal with the T-N-T Bloodline but, we also have some Hughzees/Chaos, Winegarner, and Hienzl/Hemphill thrown in the mix. We only do breedings for our yard so you will not see a whole lot of pups For Sale here but, if you keep your eyes open you may find one or two up for grabs. We are a registered kennel with the American Dog Breeders Association. Our Kennel was named after our girl Burchfield's Midnight Sky a.k.a. Jewel. She was our first dog we got to register under our name as Burchfield's.

Here are some of the qualities we breed for:
Willingness to Please

What is T-N-T Bloodline??

The T-N-T Bloodline was started as Turpin blood when Stephanie Turpin took her 50% Watchdog 50% Eli(GR CH Art) female, Minter's Miss Sheeba, to a pur Ruffian stud, Ch Noble's Blaze of Glory, to produce her foundation male Turpin's Blu Trouble.  From then on it was history.  Only later she decided to acquire a partner, Gail Condra, and registered the kennel with A.D.B.A. as T-N-T Kennel from then on out it was known as T-N-T blood.  Later, Stephanie and Gail decided to split due to disagreements on what they were breeding for.  Stephanie was looking for a true blue game dog that was small, intense, and above all else NOTHING BUT FIRE!!  Gail was more breeding for a large, heavy built, and less intense dog.  Now years down the road when the T-N-T line almost fell off the map it's starting to make a roaring come back and probably as close to it's prime as it ever could be.  There are several kennels producing top notch T-N-T bulldogs out there and we hope to be one that just adds more into the bunch.  So more people can get a chance to hopefully get acquaunted with this line and fall in love with it just like us.
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