A gigantic meteorite crashed into Atlantis, penetrating to the magma and schaking the whole land with earthquakes. The fall of the meteorite had other consequences: a cataclysmic deluge swamped Atlantis and the continent sank to the bottom of the oceans. This flood has been remembered in the myths of all humans whose ancestors managed to escape and reach the other continents.

Simeon bar Yokkai, occultist

american indians

colors of Atlantis

flag of Egypt

map of Egypt

map of Egypt

map of Egypt

Machu Pichu incas

Petra sacrifices

Latin America pyramid

pyramids at Giza

pyramids at Giza

pyramids at Giza

pyramids at Giza

pyramids at Giza




Temple of Luxor

The Great Pyramids of Egypt

Standing proudly from the ground, the Great Pyramids of Giza located in Egypt are a symbol true history.

The precise age of the pyramids of Giza has long been debated because, until now, there has been little evidence to prove when the pyramids were built. The history books generally point to 3200 B.C. as the approximate date when the pyramid of Khufu was under construction. But how exactly do Egyptologists date the pyramids? Like past excavations, the current dig at Giza attempts to bring us closer to pinpointing the time period during which the pyramids were built.

The question of who built the pyramids, and how, has long been debated by Egyptologists and historians. Standing at the base of the pyramids at Giza it is hard to believe that any of these enormous monuments could have been built in one pharaoh's lifetime. Herodotus, the Greek historian who wrote in the 5th century BC, 500 years before Christ, is the earliest known chronicler and historian of the Egyptian Pyramid Age. By his accounts, the labor force that built Khufu totaled more than 100,000 people. But Herodotus visited the pyramids 2,700 years after they were built and his impressive figure was an educated guess, based on hearsay. Modern Egyptologists believe the real number is closer to 20,000.

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Daniel´s Prophecy



ABVV (Belgium)

kommunistische manifest (Chicago)

democratic review (London)

chinese communist leaders

manifest der kommunistischen partei (London)

association internationale (Paris)

association internationale (Paris)

international association (London)

Paris city of light

république française (Paris)

république française (Paris)

journaux de la commune


liberte, egalite, fraternite

communist rules for revolution

former East Germany flag

Friedrich Engels

the fraternal democrats

internationale arbeiter association

internationale arbeiter association

internationale arbeiter association



Karl Marx

Karl Marx

Marxistich Leninistiche Beweging (Belgium)

Marxistich Leninistiche Beweging (Belgium)

SJW de vrouwenbeweging (Belgium)




Leon Trotsky and Che Guevara

de vrouwenbeweging (Belgium)

wall of Berlin 1961-1989

wall of Berlin 1961-1989

wall of Berlin 1961-1989

concentration camp USSR

concentration camps in the USSR



arbeit macht frei (Auswitch)

Martin Bormann

concentration camp


Göring and Hitler


Rudolf Hess

Rudolf Hess

Rudolf Hess











Hitler and Edward VIII

Hitler´s Beetle

Hitler´s Mein Kampf

Dr. Josef Mengele

Dr. Josef Mengele

Dr. Josef Mengele

Neurenberg Trail




Kurt Waldheim

Kurt Waldheim secretary-general UN (1977)

Kurt Waldheim and the pope


Cults and Secret Societies


1. Predynastic Egypt, circa 5000 BC.
•The Great Compromise: What God Were You?
Ancient Cults.
2. Memphis, Egypt, 3000 BC.
• The Pact: Menes creates Empire.
The Black Star.
3. Thebes, Egypt, c. 1350 BC.
•Akhenaton: The Arcanum Rebellion.
The Pharonic Priesthood.
Order of the Black Star.
The Rosicrucians.
The Mysteries of Isis.

4. Babylon, Persia, c. 600 BC.
•Zoroaster and Ethical Religion.
The Mithridites.
The Order of the Noonday Eclipse.
The Magi.

5. Alexandria, Egypt 350 BC.
•Alexander and The Great Philosophers.
Sisters of the Eclipse.
6. Jerusalem, Judea, circa 30 AD.
The Jesus Incident: Birth of the Piscean age.
The mysteries of Dumuzi.
7. Rome, Italy c. 350 AD.
•Constantin and the New Church.œ
8. Aachen, Germania, c. 830 AD.
•Charlemagne Destroys Paganism.
The Holy Vehm.
Prieuré de Sion.
The Paladins.

9. Montsegur, France 1243.
The Cathars.The Perfecti (the elite of the Cathars). The Knights Templar. The Order of the Temple of Jerusalem was the most powerfull secret society of the times. It´s members had begun to execute their Great Plan to take over the earth.
10. Paris, France circa 1630.•Birth of the Age of Reason. The Mithridites. The Illuminati of Bavaria. One of the most refined secret society of the era starts at this time. As part of its Grand Plan for world domination, this Templar offshoot surfaces in Germany and infects many other existing societies, both secret and public. Their plan anticipates completion around the year 2000 AD.
The Order of the Daughters of the Nile. The Invisible College.Also called Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia (S.R.I.A.), this English secret society maintained the ancient Rosicrucian secrets. The organization eventually became the Royal Society.
11. London, England circa 1900.
Return of the Magicians.
The Hermetic Brotherhood of the Golden Dawn in the Outer. Its inner members were all serious, and included celebrities like the writers Bram Stoker and Arthur Machen, poet William Butler Yeats, as well as prominent occultists such as A. E. Waite and Aleister Crowley.

Backhouse Library (Societas Rosicruciana)

Bavarian Illuminati (Bavaria, 1776)

Annie Besant

Order of the Blackstar (Egypt, 3100 BC)

Helena Blavatsky


Proofs of a Conspiracy

Benjamin Creme

Cultes des Coules (Asia, 11th century BC)

Aleister Crowley

Aleister Crowley

masonic medal

dutch masonic lodge

dutch masonic lodge

eye of Horus

French Revolution calendar

French Revolution calendar (Robespierre)

german masonic lodge

Illuminati game

Anton LaVey

Spear Of Longinus

masonic initiation rite


Mithradites (Perzia, 600 BC)

Alfred Nobel


dutch paragnost

five pointed star

Prieure de Sion (Jeruzalem, 30 AD)

Knights of Rhodes (Jeruzalem, 1100)



La Rochelle

Ephraim´s rose

Roshaniyas (Peshawar Pakistan, 1570)

Societas Rosicruciana ROSICROSS (Germany, 1598-1880)

Societas Rosicruciana ROSICROSS (Germany, 1598-1880)


dutch Societas Rosicruciana lodge

dutch Societas Rosicruciana

Sarmoung Brotherhood (Kish Sumeria, 2850-3300 BC)

Fraternitas Saturnii (Spannheim Germany, 1486)

occult symbology

Order des Neuf Soeurs (St.Albans England, 1620-1796)

Order of St.Sulpice (Britain, 522-1200)

Templars (1014 BC)

Teutonic Knights (Rhine valley, 435)

Teutonic New Kurkland Base

dutch theosofy lodge

Thule Brudershaft (1786)

Thule Brudershaft Refuge

Uri Geller

belgian masonic lodge

Holy Vehm (772)

The Vehmhof (Austria)

belgian masonic lodge

Adam Weishaupt (Illuminati)

Order of the Golden Fleece (Lyon, 1429)

Sisters of Isis (Thebes Egypt, 1504-1481 BC)

Kabbalistic order of the Rosicross (Paris, 1886)


Karl Marx´s tomb

Henry Kissinger




Bertrand Russell and the peace symbol

the peace symbol

the peace symbol

Steve Jackson´s

New World Order Game

New World Order and Assassins card games
Bigger Business; Monopoly; Tobacco Companies; Silicon Valley; Fast Food Chains; Recording Industry; Empty Vee; Video Games; The Network.
Saturday Morning Cartoons; Moral Minority; Fnord Motor Company; California; Brazil; Japan; KKK; Citizenship Award; Self-Esteem.
Alternate Goals; Madison Avenue; Switzerland; The Frog God; Rain Of Frogs; Gordo Remora; Warehouse 23; This Was Only A Test; Society For Creative Anarchism.
The Green Party; Anti-Nuclear Activists; Save The Whales; Secular Humanists; Kill For Peace; Eco-Guerrillas; Xanadu; Republicans; Clinton.
Crystal Skull; The Magic Goes Away; The Bronze Head; Spear Of Longinus; Fraternal Orders; The Auditor From Hell; Reformed Church Of Satan; W.I.T.C.H.; The Stars Are Right.
Rosicrucians; Intellectuals; Nobel Peace Prize; Bigfoot; Lab Explosion; Epidemic; Ross Perot; Fundie Money; Swiss Bank Account.
Pentagon; May Day; Logic Bomb; NASA; Martial Law; Martyrs; Witch Hunt; A.M.A.; Meteor Strike.
Gnomes Of Zurich; The Network; Shangri-La; Pentagon.

some sources

De antichrist komt (Klaus Gerth)

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Atlantis het verdwenen continent (Charles Berlitz)

De Bermuda driehoek (Charles Berlitz)

De driehoek van de draak (Charles Berlitz)

Nader tot het licht (Dr.Melvin Morse)

Voorbij dit leven (Hélène Renard)

Leven na dit leven (Dr.Raymond A.Moody)

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Kosmische slinger der tijden (Wim Zitman)

Kroniek van het oude Israel (Robert De Telder)

Het geheim van de wereldgeschiedenis (Dr.F. de Graaff)

Daniël (J.W. Embregts)

De Europese leugen (Peter Vanderbruggen)

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Geloven is weten (Dale Rhoton)

Oorsprong twee modellen evolutie schepping (Richard B. Bliss)

Oorsprong van het leven (Richard B. Bliss/Gary E. Parker)

Fossielen: sleutels tot het heden (Richard B. Bliss/Gary E. Parker/Duane T. Gish)

Evolutie een ei zonder kip (Ben Hobrink)

Evolutie wetenschap of dwaling? (Dr.J.R. Howitt)

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De stad is gevallen (Dr. Francis Schaeffer)
Het gruwelijke geheim De waarheid over Hitler´s "Endlösung" verdrongen (Walter Laqueur)
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De moord op Rudolf Hess Nazi-komplot of Britse afrekening? (Dr. Hugh Thomas)

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Kissinger the adventures of super-kraut (Charles R. Ashman)

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The world´s greatest mysteries (Nigel Blundell)

Mysterieus maar waar (Charles Berlitz)

De nieuwe orde in opkomst (Robert De Telder)

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Dark secrets of the New Age (Texe Marrs)

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Operatie JB het laatste geheim van WO II (Christopher Creighton)
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De man in de chacra Op spoor van dr. Josef Mengele (Stan Lauryssens)
De goddelijke toonladder (Kris Thijs)
De totale controle (Dr. Wim Malgo)

Geen uitstel meer (J.W. Embregts)

Een nieuwe Holocaust? (Hal Lindsey)

De laatste veldslag (Hal Lindsey)

Planeet aarde 2000 AD (Hal Lindsey)

Het visioen (David Wilkerson)

De planeet die aarde heette (Hal Lindsey)

God en de wetenschap (Jean Guitton)

De arrogantie van de fysicus (Ad Lagendijk)

Schepping en wetenschap (Drs. J.A. van Delden)
De ondergrondse kerk (Ds. Richard Wurmbrand)
Mark 422 - For There Is Nothing Hid 2003
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