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Mikayla's Babybook ( birth - 12 months)
I just turned ONE... Check out how big I'm getting
This is a collection of some of Mommy and Daddy's Favorite Photos of Us -
Mikayla and Devin..
Here you will share in our many accomplishments and special events.

If you want to see Mikayla's First Year just click on her Babybook Link below.
There you will find her Birth Story, Meet the Family and check out Mikayla's First Photogallery.
You can also check out our Winnie-the-Pooh and Elmo Pages.

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Mikayla - 1 year
Come in a see what I am doing at 14 months
Mikayla - 14 months
Come in a see how I have grown...
Mikayla -16 months
Come in a see my Halloween photos...
Mikayla - Halloween -18 months
Come in a see my Christmas photos...
Mikayla - Christmas Portraits      
Come in a see my latest photos...
Mikayla - 20 & 22 months      
Meet my baby Brother
Come meet my
Baby Brother Devin
A long time waiting.....
Mikayla - 2 1/2 years      
Check out Mikayla and Devin's first Halloween together.
Mikayla & Devin - Halloween     
First Xmas as a Family of Four
Xmas 2001  
Devin 6 months post-op
March 2002 - Devin 6 months Post- Op
Summer 2002
Summer 2002  
Fall 2002
Fall 2002  
Come check out our new photogallery...
Photogallery #2