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A Testament to Rocking Out

I designed this page as a place just to keep my poetry, songs, and other writings. I am a second-year student at Hampshire College, and I'm looking to study writing and music primarily. I'm also looking to study literature, religion, philosophy, and possibly film, but writing and music are the two major passions.

I play guitar and sing, most of what I write is written with the intent of being performed in that medium.

Most of what I write is in the form of poetry or songs, but I also have some essays, random notes, and a journal the chronicles the hilarious adventures of working in a video store. I'm also working on a play and a screenplay or two. My essays are worth looking at (I think). The fun ones are from the Art and Craft of Lying, and there are a couple in Intro to Writing.



Last Updated July 11, 2005

Added a Music Page where you can hear some of the stuff I'm working on and a Bio.

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