Wonderful people, not only authors, that I like

Nikka's Kids
So Nikka was my first "slash" friend, if you will, lol. And even though we don't talk much anymore, go to her site and praise her. Her writings are probably the cutest things I've ever read. Go... NOW!

The Closet
This site is all Joshtin with great writers. Wen, Sariah, LisaC, Stargems, Beth, Marg, and Ann are all archived here.

Shades Of Blue
There were two people who actually got me into Wade/Justin [I don't read it much but when I come across it, I'll check it out] and Raina is one of them. She has Joshtin also and really, all of her work is just amazing. Go check it out.

One of Jericho's story was the first slash story I had ever read. She's amazing... like knock you out of your socks amazing.

Mya and Ian Online
This site is tight, and it has great stuff! Mya's stuff is wonderful! Check out "Highschool SweetHearts", its one of my faves. And plus she's a cool cat =o)

Can I say that I absolute love Alissa? Not only is she my online twin, but she's such a sweetie pie! And her stories are great! They're so cool and her layouts are cute :o) So go and tell her she's the greatest.

Lyra's Wing
Beautiful writer, just... ah. Go read her AU's, then you can read everything else, lol.

She wrote my story!! Lol, even though she didnt know that. But I'm thankful she wrote it cause its a tight idea and she writes well so... yeah, lol. So check out "Race Wars" and "Safari". Dude, just... do it!

What We All Wish For
Not only are Viv and Claudia the sweetest cats I've ever talked to but they are doing a hell of a job with this Joshtin archive. With the rush of ones coming since Slashygoodness slowed, this one is the first one I've seen lately to have a good amount of authors. Its great, you should go check it out.

Sweet Uncleanness
So this guy absolutely rocks my world. I have, appropriately donned him my slash god. I mean... I just... dude, he gives slash a fucking great name man. He's super talented and... yeah, just go read the "Living" series. Took me a week, lol.

Gem's Creations
Some 98 Degrees slash
So this girl is totally cool and totally helped me out with my need for 98 Degrees cravings, but no she has some Joshtin too, whooo! Great slash too.

Dreams and Other Ramblings
98 Degrees slash
So, thanks to the wonderful Alissa, I stumbled across this site. Wondeful stories, and "Insatiable" is just... yes, haha. Go!

So I really admire Amanda's work. I love Frat Boy and she needs to update, haha. Great, great Joshtin. Go check it out. 1 1 1