So, ya wanna know about me? Alright.

Well, my name is Mikee [My real name is Michael but too many people mistake me for a dude] which is a nickname a wonderful Italian gave me :o) Haha.
I am a little on the young side, if you will, and I'm still in school. I live in the grand suburbia of good ol' Maryland. I was born in Chinle, Arizona on a reservation and lived there until I was two, and since then I've been living in Maryland.
I have 3 brothers and sisters, two of which are older and one who is younger.
Erm, I'm mixed. My mom is White and Native American [Muskogee or Creek] and my dad is Black and a minute slice of Native American, but not much. So yeah, i'm just everything. My Indian name actually means "many colors" :o)
Um, I feel like I'm totally bragging about myself [which isn't true but I'm weird, you should know, haha] so anything else ya wanna know, just email me! i love email, it's so fun!

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