Chicago "Vacation"
Alright, so MLK weekend a couple of us rented a car and took a trip out to Chicago.   We left in the car at left 'round 10am Saturday
The roads were pretty awful at first. 
We just happened to park on the University of Michigan level of the parking structure. 
The plan was to go to all sorts of places around Chicago.  This all went out then window when we walked past the three level clothing store, H&M.
This is how Zach and I kept ourselves occupied at H&M
Alright shopping done, time to get on to see the sights! Time to see.....Ed Debevics...
See and after all the shopping and Ed Debevics and such, it was sorta getting we didn't really go much of anywhere unfortunately.  I did get a coupla shots going from one place to another.  This would be the John Hancock building--however you spell it.
This guy was passing out pamphets.  Despite the presence of a deity in Chicago, few were interested.
We've got these in Ann Arbor, though ours don't have pink handbags.
As you perhaps noticed, whenever we were out, the lighting was sucky, so I apologize for the quality of these pictures
Yes, scenic Chicago, where you can pass the day away shopping in stores like those back home.  Pictured is the Virgin megastore
Then the plan was to head over to The Cheesecake Factory.  Zach, Mee Young, and Cheryl wait outside.
We ended have to wait around 80 minutes for people to get their $7 slivers of Cheesecake.  With the sheer amount of people waiting, people spilled out into the mall.
Ha, and you people tell me I need to put more people pictures on my webpage.
Here's a couple tips for you folks if you're ever driving from Chicago to Ann Arbor:
1) Bring a map other than a mapquest map, lest you miss your turn and have no easy way to find your way back to the route
2) Drive with more than parking lights; you can see your turns better
3) Realize that this is not a ghetto.  Don't call it one.
Oh and here's another tip.  When the guy in the back suggests you get off at Exit 83 for gas, you should probably listen.  He may know what he's talking about.

No, we didn't run outta gas but we were getting there.
Well, at least having the car allowed us to go to Meijer.  Oh yes, it's Cran-Grape juice.