Fall Album 2
Nov 20, 2003
The Ginko tree in front of the Michigan Union
The surreal lookin' picture is taken looking up an MLB stairwell
Sittin at the coffee beanery, having finished a lemonade that they poured from a Tropicana carton.
Whether you call it pop or soda, we drink a lot of it.
Borders workers want better wages and benefits.  These two here that I talked to are gonna head across the country protesting.  If you'd like to know more, follow this link.
Yup, I finally went to the far off land that is North Campus.  It's quite the untaking to get up there.  All in all though, it's a nice place to visit but I wouldn't want to live there.
In this picture I'm sitting on the MLB first floor waiting around to watch Marius et Jeanette, a movie for French class.  There were few copies of the tape and a waiting list around eight people long.  I decided I'd sit down here with all the people waiting for their music group practices and work on my short stories (note various Microsoft Word windows open) for a couple hours until the did a group showing the VVR (Video Viewing Room).