Fall 2003 Album #3
Reason numero uno why homework takes so long
My story is on its way to North Carolina for consideration in The Sun.  This would be me taking it down to the mailbox
I've been doing a lot more black and white photography just because I like messing with the contrast and brightness and burning and dodging and all that.  I'm still figuring out the best way to burn and dodge things in or out of existance, as you can probably tell.  What? Censoring? Huh?
Encore Records over down the same street as Borders.  Its a pretty cool place--stop on by and visit with the dog.
Our refridgerator just has a UMich magnet not it--nowhere near anything like this one
Some buildings outside Betsey Barbour (however it's spelled).  That tall one is Tower Plaza.  I went up there yesterday hoping to get an incredibly cool picture of Ann Arbor from high up.  Once I found my way inside and headed up to the 26th floor via elevator, I found out there are no windows up there.
Having "lunch" at Barbour if you can call orange juice, sierra mist, and coffee a lunch.
Sometimes ya gotta do laundry.  While my clothes were doing their thing in the wash I went out and did some photography and other stuff.
One place I went was the eighth floor of the grad library, which is the map room.  Unfortunately it was around 5:30, which at this time of year means its getting pretty dark.   I ended up getting mostly grainy shots.  This one turned out alright though I guess.  Oh well, I'll have to head out some other time.
This is the grad library.  I'm pretty sure I've not put a photo up of this yet.  See those lines on the floor?  You follow them if you are lost and can't find your way out.  Yes, it is that bad.  Cool place though.
Eston clued me into this whole Bubble Tea thing that I've been missing out on the other day.  Whoever invented this stuff was an absolute genius.  I'd tell you to get this drink that I have here, but I forget what it is.  All you Ann Arbor folks: its time to get yourself over there.  Ask the guy at the counter to let you sample some stuff--you'll find something you like.