The room in East Quad where I stayed with two other people
Construction: you can't escape it in Michigan
Two of the many things that people have stenciled onto the sidewalk
The clocktower.  If you look at the cover of the July 9th Detroit Free Press, you'll see it.  Unfortunately I only brought my camera with on during the first day so I didn't get any shots of the protest, and we passed by 5 minutes too early to see any arrests.    In case you haven't heard, there was this anti-affirmative action guy there and a whole crowd of affirmative action supporters :)  If you don't have the paper (and i'm guessing few of you do), you can read it at this link
A telephone pole.  All of em look like this to some degree.  People staple stuff up and just rip it off later, leaving parts behind.  After years of signs, all the poles look like this now
I know you can't see it too well, but this is West Quad where I'll be living.
Street preformers on the diag
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