Winter Album 1
20 Photos, December 2003
There's a lot of photos here so you dial uppers may have a problem here.  If an image doesn't load, right click on the spot and hit "show picture" or try refreshing the page.
Flowers on the table over at American Spoon.
And God said, "Let there be snow; it will be my gift to the residents of Ann Arbor"
The steps of Angell Hall.
This one was taken in the early morning of the 12th going to my French exam.  What I can't figure out is why all of our flags were at half staff.  Best I can figure that students were in a state of mourning for all those days they didn't spend studying.
French exam before most people got there.
Eston's feet doing one of the things they do best: DDR
Deer.  That's right.  Deer.  Three of 'em.  In Ann Arbor!
Makin' grape juice.
Alright so that one day we got a nice dusting of snow.  This day, however we got a coupla inches.  Our janitor type guys gotta do the shoveling in the morning.  If you look closely, you'll see that this one is in short sleeves.  The other one, just out of the picture to the right, was in shorts.  They better hope their moms don't see this..
A bike that probably won't be in use anytime soon.
"The President's House"  I've heard that Mary Sue Coleman (however her name is spelled) lives here, but others have said that she doesn't anymore.  We report, you decide.
Benches outside the back side of Angell Hall.
Part of the Law Quad
I just like the composition of this shot.
Both a self portrait of sorts and a shameless plug.
I took this one of South U. street from the 8th floor map room of the Grad Library.  You may recognize, from the other phots, the Law Quad and the President's house.  In the upper right hand corner is the nine story dormatory, South Quad.
I apologize for the image quality--dorm room lighting.  Some friends of mine told be I should broaden my horizons and eat more colorful foods.  This is my answer. 
I went ice skating for my first time ever.  I learned a couple things.  1) Ice skating is a lot like rollerblading.  2) I'm as bad at ice skating as I am at rollerblading. 3) Taking pictures while ice skating is very hard (this one, taken before going on the ice is one of the few semi-clear shots I have).  4) Ice skating is fun, especially if you've got someone cool with you that knows what they're doing and can skate circles around you :-D
The small dimensions of this webpage make it hard to see, but this panorama shot is a photomerge of shots taken from the Grad Library.  Save it to your desktop and open it to see a little bit more, but with my free geocities account I can't exactly host a huge file.  If you want I can email you a bigger shot though. See email address on index page.