Winter Album 2
added Jan 18, 2004
A photomerge of the basketball game between UMich and Northwestern
Part of the Law Quad
It's cold.
I "tried out" for the Michigan Daily the other day.  This camera right here--the Nikon D100--is one nice camera.  Hopefully I'll get the position.
Frost on one of the windows of the Student Publications Building where the Daily has its offices.  It was awfully cold that day I went out.  When I went into the jewler's place on South U, most of the snow on my jacket got a change to melt.  An hour or so later my coat had turned to ice.
Yup, it's the annual West Quad vs. South Quad snowball fight.  Next year when you organize it guys, I reccomend waiting until the snow packets better and doing it earlier so I can get better pictures.  It should be noted that these pictures were taken when the crowds had already begun to die down
A word collage I made.  If you are interested for whatever reason, I've also stuck a high quality version here; it makes pretty decent wallpaper and is 1280x1040