I got a call from my nephew, Robert. 

He called to say "Hows it going?" and "I'm going to be Peter Chris for Halloween" & stuff. He also said "cool webpage," and he likes MiketheSwan...
...except the one where MiketheSwan's naked. "That's gross," he said "Well, ...

...what about the picture you emailed me?" I said.

"My face is all stubbly & I'm smoking, and why am I pointing, anyway?"


Well, that's because you're really mad at Cheesecake.

"What !!!" I said, upset at even the thought of it; and so Robert changed his story.

"I mean...I mean, you're pointing at ... a deer, and its wearing ... underwear, and Chjeesecake's going look look, a deer wearing underwear. I've never seen anything like that before in my life!!!"


and then he asked me if I could write a cartoon with him in it. I said that I would but i'd have to spend time thinking of a good story. He said "How about the time that I came to Vancouver and I pulled up in the cab & I went up your stairs to the button- thingie and then I pressed to button that had your name on it or something & then you're voice came on & said "Hi, Robert. Come on in! So I came in and I saw your whole house & Cheesecake+3's room & we played with his toys & pillow fights & then we had a nap & when we got up we had supper & watched t.v. & the next day we went to the beach..."


"... but Robert its supposed to be funny."
"Then can you draw me wearing a tuxedo?"

-Oct 23 '01


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