Dan brought over this bike that people seem to like alot.
One night while eating pizza a Scottsman toold me all aboot it. He also told me about the bike trail on the seawall I've heard so much about.

That night Michelle told me to answer questions using my left hand.

So the next morning I went for a coffee, then I went with Skindag & Celeste & Dan to Zesty's and had a coffee with rhye in it. Then I went bike riding.

I'm supposed to go down Adanac & take a left to Science World. I miss the left entirely & end up in Chinatown.

While I'm dragging my bike through many flights of stairs at GM Place I can see Science World in the distance.

I ride around downtown recognizing an occasional corner. I get a McChicken in a wrap & sit on the Art Gallery steps to eat it. Then I find tabacco but no papers.

I asked 3 people if I could bum a cigarette. They all said "no, I only have 3 left. This is not my neighbourhood. I saw a man with his hat glued to his hand.

After riding for awhile I saw water & thought: "Yay! English Bay!" (where the bike path was supposed to lead)

...but it wasn't. So I rode all the way uphill to the Burrard Street Bridge...

...& across it. Along the sidewalk everwhere were these signs:
& all the bike riders & skateboarders heading towards me were yelling at me.

I knew the area on the other side of the bridge. I used to sunbathe for an hour everyday during my 15 minute break.
My contacts had been bugging me so I decided to switch eyes, not realizing that it was breezy at the beach.
So I tried to put them in in the rest room.
They were just too dry. I wrapped them in tissue paper & put them in the pocket without the hole in it, the one I put things in.

Then I reached into the pocket I put things in to pull out my bike lock key, unlocked my bike & rode around looking for a place to write a letter. When I pulled out my letter pad the first few pages were missing.

I checked to make sure I still had the tissue & I didn't. I walked back & forth to the can not being able to see the tissue paper.
 I could get a new pair at English Bay. If only I knew how to get to English Bay.
When I finished the letter I found the tissue with the contacts inbetween a tooney & a $1.42. I put them in my coat pocket replacing a pouch of tabacco which I put in the bike bag where I found the first few pages of my letter pad. Now I could go to English Bay.


When I got to the other side of  the bridge I started heading East to English Bay until someone directed me West. It was really a beautiful ride. I kept seeing these signs:

...& never found out what they meant. No one else seemed to know either.
But when I got to Stanley Park, everyone's coming towards me & there's these signs:
So I start to ask directions. "Which way is it to E. Van?" Why don't you go that way?" someone asks.
I ask someone else who explains it to me several times and then just stares at me blankly. I finally believe him and let him go...
...back the way I came.

...past English Bay.

...to Science World...


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