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For most, the idea of letting oneself drift into the Esoteric unknown is a scary proposition. And why is this? Because fear of the unknown is perfectly natural, and it's built into our MINDs. But, it's also something that is very limiting to us, and we all need to rise above this fear.... if possible.... and it is possible for many, if they only had a source to indicate they had this option.

What am I talking about? Well, briefly, I'm talking about the fact that the Esoteric realms of Man, the two-thirds of who and what we are, are not taught in colleges and universities today. The reason is two-fold. First, very few individuals in he West know anything about these realms, and secondly, the reason for this is that these Esoteric realms are not taught in colleges or universities today, nor are they part of the curriculum of mental health and psychology. How come? Because, in the early 1900's, a group of behavioral scientists, led by B.F.Skinner, presented the idea of "behaviorism" to the fields of mental health and psychology. The primary appeal of behaviorism was that it said that MIND and consciousness [which I have replaced with the term Apapsyche] could not be effectively studied or taught, and therefore, there was no need for professionals to seek to discover anything within their own MINDs before being licensed to perform psychotherapy for others. The "appeal" was the mistaken belief that there was no need to poke around within one's own MIND... and it was appealing because everyone [non-consciously] fears what might be discovered hidden within his/her own MIND.

This denial of the Esoteric in Man was quickly embraced, and for over a century now the Esoteric has been considered unnecessary to study in understanding the human being. This mistaken belief, and a century of denial and avoidance of the Esoteric in Man has resulted in this two-thirds of Man being almost entirely forgotten. The problem now exists that what is causing increasing numbers of young people to commit suicide is an absence of professional help capable of addressing the conflicts within the MINDs of these young people. What are we to do is the question? Simply write off tens of thousands of our youth because they, being the most Spiritually evolved among us, have needs beyond the comfort level of today's professionals?

One simple solution would be to offer one pilot course entitled: Introduction to Esochology. Invite anyone from fields of mental health and psychology to monitor the class, and evaluate the results of the class at the end. The next step would be to offer this course to individuals who would like to learn how to help others.... naturally, and effectively. Just the media coverage alone would ignite a revolution of change that would be helpful beyond measure. What can I do? I'm doing it, but one person pushing a concept upstream is very slow going... and the bodies washing downstream are increasing.

Not everyone is "ready" to engage the Apapsyche, and that's fine. No one should be forced to do anything that they believe would harm them.... even if the harm is not real, but imagined. The imagined fear seems quite real to those within whose imagination it is operating, and this needs to be respected. But it makes little sense to deny the proper treatment to millions of children simply to accommodate the unrecognized delusional fears of some mental health professionals.

Now, for those who are "ready" to awaken to their Apapsyche, but their MINDs are preventing this, where can they go for help? There are precious few mental health workers capable of addressing the Esoteric realms within Man because the training to prepare these professionals simply does not now exist. That which is taught in schools, colleges, or universities where individuals in need of help might go... just is not available. If you, or someone you know could use help, please contact us via our open forum here , or, with the subject "IESOI". We will do our best to be of service.

It is very difficult, when, the head decision makers of every mental health program, facility, institution, agency, or the various state departments, psychologists trained only in behavioral psychology, and therefore, without knowledge of the Esoteric realms within Man, unknowingly resist all efforts to introduce any approach which would be perceived by their MINDs as a threat. Scotoma and the Defense Mechanism of their MINDs are automatically initiated and they will reject such programs for a multitude of reasons, none of which will be questioned.... who is to do so?

I know how difficult it is for most people to believe what I am saying. We all want to believe that the many millions of dollars being spent every year on mental health are being spent wisely. Those individuals who are trying their best, are unaware that a better approach is available. How would they know? From what source? The chance some governor is going to click onto this site and read what I've written.... and believe it applies to his/her state, is highly unlikely. And even then, he/she would have to override the resistance of his/her own professionals who are psychologically subject to their own MINDs... although they have no awareness of this.

No doubt the task of attempting to introduce America to the two-thirds of themselves that truly matter is a difficult one. Just a relative handful of professionals would be eager to embrace the concept of Esochology [which leads to EsoEducation] while tens of thousands would resist it aggressively.

For those well versed in the field of education, "EsoEducation" would probably indicate an oxymoron. Everyone knows that the "Esoteric" is inaccessible, right? That has been the belief for a long time, but that this was once thought to be true does not mean it cannot change. With the concepts of Esochology and EsoEducation some new fields of study are now available for study. Although not for everyone, there are many who are "ready" to embrace these new fields of study. Don't you believe this is so? I mean, does it really make good sense to allow tens of thousands of young people every year to be lost to society so that we avoid causing embarrassment to those who are incapable of providing the proper treatment?

Hummmn? Perhaps a class action law suit on behalf of young people who have committed suicide while being treated in some agency would be an excellent way to kick start change?

And, do you realize it's relative easy to ascertain whether or not a mental health professional is capable of facilitating what a young person needs by way of help? Well, it is. All you do is ask the professional to explain, in detail, what the difference between the brain and the MIND is? Perhaps one in a thousand would be able to tell you. With so few even knowing what the MIND is, not to mention how it operates... how could they possibly address the Esoteric needs of young people? Improper treatment really does merit some consideration of litigation on behalf of the harm being done to youth.
My attempt to go public with Esochology is new, and if you are reading this, you are among the first to learn of this revolutionary approach to the discovery and enhanced capacity of the human being to directly access Knowledge stored within the Operational energy of ones own MIND and Soul [which we refer to by the symbols Apspsyche and Apapsyche per se]. Apapsyche is the Operational Energy of ones Soul and Apapsyche per se is the aspect in which the Knowledge is stored. As for the Esotransmutation process itself, click on Esotransmutation for an interesting read..
Thank you so very much for reading this. You cannot know how much support this is to those of us who are really struggling to manifest Esochology and EsoEducation. If you would like to make a comment, or discuss our work... please do so in our forum or email me personally:

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