HOMOSEXUALITY: Origin/Condition/and Cure
HOMOSEXUALITY: Origin/Condition/and Cure

The reason it is generally thought that the illness of homosexuality cannot be cured is that those saying this have no idea what causes the illness.

The fact is, most people reflect what professionals in mental health say, and currently too many in mental health have no idea what causes homosexuality or what is required to cure it?

That too many in mental health are ignorant regarding homosexuality is not the problem. The problem arises when fear of ones ignorance being discovered causes one to castigate those who do not share ones ignorance.

Some young people have a more pronounced conflict with sexuality than what is normal. During adolescence, this causes such youth to be particularly vulnerable to the grooming of homosexuals or pedophiles. With ignorance of the illness being so wide spread, plus the principle symptom of the illness being a psychological denial of the illness as being an illness, the natural tendency of "caretaker" personalities [such as those in the fields of social work] to want to "protect" homosexuals, the movement to normalize homosexuality is being waged on many fronts.

There would be far fewer homosexuals if the confusion of adolescent sexuality was properly addressed, and the punishment for seducing a young person were harsh and enforced vigorously. But we have to deal with what exits. With much of the judicial branch in denial regarding homosexuality, social workers serving as cheer leaders for the illness, and the media intensely fearful of being labeled "homophobe"... those trying to address homosexuality as an illness are few, and these few are ridiculed and marginalized.

The scene is set for an overwhelming attack on the youth of America as the homosexual support team block all attempts by parents to resist the takeover of education by pro-homosexual forces.

The pro-homosexual propaganda being fed to three year olds in school; Social workers making troubled and confused children available to homosexuals as foster parents; and legislators rushing to pass laws making homosexuality immune to any form of restriction... the stage is set to homosexualize more and more youth.


The illness of homosexuality is a delusional belief generated within the MIND of someone who must be open to suggestion. The primary factor of vulnerability is an intense fear of who ones MIND perceives one to be. The youth that is vulnerable has a personality that is actively seeking an alternative. This youth must also be unsure or confused regarding his/her sexuality. There must also be a condition of fear of who and what one must be [fully non-conscious to the youth] and it is this fear that makes the youth so open to an "alternative personality" offered by the adult homosexual. At a psychological level [which means at levels known only to the youth's MIND] the successful seduction process by the adult homosexual causes the MIND of the confused youth to experience intense self-loathing, shame, and guilt. To cope with the intense energy these generate, the youth's MIND converts these into a masking personality called "homosexual". And the otherwise negative energy of the emotions are converted into thoughts focused on this new [and false] personality structure. Such youth submerge their previous painful sense of self and replace it with this new personality structure that brings praise, attention, and what passes for "love" from the adult homosexual, and from the other homosexuals the youth encounters. As long as the youth maintains a constant intellectual focus on thinking about being a "homosexual" the youth's MIND keeps the previous fearful and confused personality repressed and submerged. The new personality is maintained by denial of an actual personality that is both fearful and confused. This level of denial is an unusual phenomenon in that it literally becomes a dominant personality structure that by constant reinforcement keeps hidden a personality that is real, but undesired. It is not the behavior of the homosexual that is the "illness" of homosexuality, it is the need for constant dwelling upon the created personality of sexuality and the psychological [which means unknown] denial of the actual personality that is the "illness". The homosexual is a person acting out a delusional personality with which he/she keeps an actual personality in denial. It is the dissociative structure that is the psychological illness, and this illness is maintained by a full denial of one actual personality that must remain fully repressed by the person's MIND. It is the fundamentally fraudulent nature of the homosexual's delusional personality that makes the homosexual a risk for any position where the person's denial might be threatened. Since the homosexual does not know he/she is in denial, and his/her MIND must maintain this denial, anyone who threatened to expose the "denial" could cause the homosexual to compromise much to avoid the exposure. The homosexual is, simply because of the nature of his/her illness, a substantial security risk.

Needless to say, it is not possible for most homosexuals to respond to therapy that would address the denial aspect of the illness. Of course, most therapists would not actually know how to address the denial aspect of the illness since this aspect is fully non-conscious to the person within whom it is active.


Let us first state clearly that it is not possible to cure a homosexual who does not want to change. Nor is such a person "ready" to engage the involved and difficult task of overriding his/her MIND.

But, having said that, what we do to correct the personality of the homosexual is to ignore the false homosexual personality entirely. Sound strange? I suppose it does to those unfamiliar with the principles and concepts of Esochology.

What made the individual vulnerable to homosexuality initially is what must be addressed, and that is part of a deeply repressed personality that is probably thought gone by the individual. Fortunately, the processes of Esochology do not rely upon any cognitive memory or thinking of the individual being served.

Esochology is an "educational approach" to helping people naturally discover what their MINDs have habitually denied and repressed. The tools of Esochology are a bit different, given the curriculum of mental health today. The Esogist, or the person who facilitates the process of Esochology for an individual is the key to the success of the Esochology process.

In short, the student is facilitated in learning a host of concepts and terms that all refer to both the MIND and Spiritual realms of the student. The Esogist is teaching what he/she has experientially discovered from within the Esoteric realms within him/herself. Playing a large part of the process is the student's Apapsyche [Operational Energy of the Soul], which is the faculty by which the student intuits bits of Knowledge from within him/herself. The entire process is one of enhanced intuition for the student, which subtly awakens much Knowledge from within the Esoteric realms of the student which automatically overrides numerous misperceptions of the student's MIND.

The result is that the student self-clarifies many early childhood misperceptions that were the cause for the student's conflict and confusion in childhood.... which made the student vulnerable to the delusional thoughts of another.

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