The best way to understand KARMA is through experiencing life. That is, it would not be possible to live life without Karma. Although most people would argue otherwise, simply because they fail to comprehend what Karma is. Karma is not the word "Karma", but is what this term refers to, or that for which this term serves as an abstract label.

Ask yourself if you know, actually comprehend and possess a full knowledge of, what the phrase "as ye sow, so shall ye reap" means? Most people in the West think they know what this phrase means. But, they fail to comprehend the full extent to which this phrase applies to everything in their lives. This concept is well known in physics as the law of action and reaction. Or, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Generally speaking, most people realize that this concept has something to do with the Bible. But, few people in the West realize that this concept is an absolute. That is, it isn't a sort-of thing, but in fact literally refers to every action one takes.

In the West, people are taught that they have "free will", and that they can change their lives by simply desiring to do so. Few people in the West believe in Fate, or predestination as it is incorrectly referred to. In the East, by contrast, vast numbers of individuals absolutely believe in Fate Karma. That is, they believe in the concept that each of us comes into life with a course that is predetermined. The fact that in the Bible, Jesus said that each hair of one's head is counted, and that not a leaf falls from a tree without knowledge of God does not seem to be taken very seriously.

Karma refers to all that occurs to you in your life. This includes all that you know about, and all that happens behind the scenes of which you are normally quite unaware. Karma refers to everything one is, does, thinks about, and will do. Karma is the be all and end all relative to the lives each of us lives throughout his exploration of Creation. Karma is the structure within which each Soul travels the circle of Creation from entrance to exit. Karma is the promise that each Soul shall fully come to know God.

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