Your Soul


Your Soul is an aspect of God. As such, it consists of the same energy as God. I refer to this mystical energy by the symbol [NSgy] which refers to "Neutral Spiritual energy". Why "Neutral"? Neutral Spiritual energy is NEVER NOT NEUTRAL... and thus, the only energy I have ever discovered that can support the concept of an absolute such as God, Truth, and the virtues. This concept that Neutral Spiritual energy is never not Neutral is important, and is based on an absolute. Only in a "neutral" realm can there be such a concept as "absolute". It means that God, like the Soul, may project Himself, or itself if you do not care to personalize the concept of God, but in doing so, the energy must be altered..... since Neutral Spiritual energy is NEVER NOT NEUTRAL. It cannot be other than it is, or change in other words.

If you follow me, the entire Creation is a projection from God, but God remains Neutral Spiritual energy..... always, and never alters from Neutral Spiritual energy. Therefore, the dipiction of God in the Old Testament of the Bible as "vengeful" or "wrathful" is an anthropomorphism. Such statements are made by Man and projected upon God by Man for reasons best known to those making them. What we know, due to the concept of "Neutral", is that God is always Neutral Spiritual energy. God is absolute Love. Absolute acceptance in other words. For God to be subject to the emotions of Man, God would have to reside within the MIND realm [a realm of duality]. God resides in the Neutral Spiritual energy realm ONLY.

What allows your Soul to operate within the physical, Astral, and Causal realms, and still remain [NSgy] is a phenomenon I refer to as ApaPsyche [pronounced Apa-Psyche]. ApaPsyche = operational energy of the Soul. ApaPsyche has two aspects to it. One is the Attn Aspect, or the faculty to focus. The other is the Awar Aspect, and this is the faculty to experience. Awar always follows that of Attn, and where the Attn Aspect is focused is what the Awar Aspect is experiencing. When your ApaPsyche is focused within the physical realm, your Awar Aspect can ONLY experience the physical plane of existence. Specialized meditation practiced over a substantial period of time can cause one's Attn to shift itself into the Astral realm, where one can begin to "see" with one's Astral vision. This is commonly referred to as a "raising of Consciousness", or of being psychic. It's rare that anyone on the physical plane [except for a Perfect Living Master, or Saint] is Awar of the Spiritual realm.

How many layers of this vibrational energy are there? Well, from Eastern mysticism, we learn that there are three regions contolled by the universal MIND, and then five Spiritual regions behond that. What size are we talking about? Well, it is said that the Astral, the immediate next inward region is so large that the physical universe would be like the head of a pin within the Astral region. Although one can comprehend the words, one is hard pressed to imagine such vastness.

And yet, some people believe that all that is required to move through these vast distances of Creation, and to achieve absolute Perfection, is to atten church occassionally and believe in a particular religion. This view of the Spiriutal evolution of the Soul seems a bit naive to me. Imagine people speaking of Spirituality when they have yet to experience or explore their own MIND realms.