What Does It Mean?

Definition: Esochology is a combining of the term "eso"(Gk), which means "WITHIN", and the "chology" (in recognition of the ancient Greeks who gave us Psychology [the study of the "esoteric" -limited to the specially initiated alone- dimemsions of the human being], "chology" simply means "a study of". Esochology takes up where the ancient Greeks left off, and is very specifically an "experiential study"... that is, it does not employ the brain or physical senses. Esochology is an experiential study [which means it makes use of one's "Apapsyche"[Operational Energy of ones Soul]-[via intuition] and the Attn Aspect thereof which allows one to make a study from "within" the Esoteric dimensions of oneself.

I should mention here that the many concepts, symbols, and terms introduced and discussed herein should not cause the visitor to imagine that the whole of the human being is put together like a patchwork quilt. Because of a lack of "in sight", the mysteries of the Unknown within us seems very complex and impossible to discover. The way in which all three realms of the human being work together while being entirely separate is quite mystical, and marvelous... and less complex than what one would think.

The problems we in the West have with comprehending the concept of Esochology are two-fold. One is that in Western cultures we have not been taught to use our intuition, and thus, we lack a natural faculty for understanding "concepts". The second problem is that we are conditioned to "think"... even when doing so interferes with our trying to intuit something.

Intuition comes to one as a "concept" and it comes to one via ones Apapsyche [or the label I have created for the Operational Energy of the Soul]. Intuition, in other words, comes to one from ones Spiritual realm... and this is far removed from ones brain. As soon as one intuits some concept, the tendency is for one to immediately attempt to "think" about what one has intuited... the problem with this is that ones intuition is in the form of a concept, and a vibrational reality that ones brain cannot perceive. So as soon as one attempts to "think" about ones intuition... one has shifted ones Attn Aspect of Apapsyche from the Spiritual Energy of the concept of intuition to ones brain... which is physical and completely unable to perceive any of ones intuition.

Do you follow what I mean? Brain = physical, linear thinking - and Intuition = a concept [or entire collection of phenomena making up the concept], and composed of vibrational Energy of ones Spiritual realm... so that it can ONLY be perceived when ones Attn Aspect of Apapsyche is within ones Spiritual realm.

The great "mystery" of the Esoteric is simply this: It is not possible to comprehend the Esoteric until and unless one has experientially discovered the parts of the Esoteric Whole. The Whole cannot be explained except by a thorough understanding of each part of the whole, and a thorough experiential understanding of a part is not possible if one is not open to the whole....which one is automatically [but is not aware of being] fearful of allowing to be exposed to oneself.

Is this not the ultimate paradox? The seemingly impossible task of becoming aware of that which ones MIND refuses to allow to be exposed to one... is no doubt what caused B.F. Skinner, et al, to conclude [intellectually of course] that the "mind and consciousness cannot be meaningfully defined or studied". This mistaken notion gave birth to the delusional idea of behaviorism... and we have been going down a sink hole of ignorance ever since.

The fact is...It is possible to facilitate someone in the discovery of the Esoteric realms that exist within that person...but ONLY if the facilitator has fully explored and experienced those Esoteric realms from within him/herself. In other words.... it is not possible to discover any part of the Esoteric realms within oneself "intellectually".. or by using ones brain and thinking. What prevents those in mental health over the last century from discovering the Esoteric realms from within themselves is the natural fear they have to doing so. And since it is no longer required that a "mental" health professional know anything about the MIND realm, thousands flock to the profession... who have no business doing so.

I separate out aspects of the whole simply in order to help the reader better comprehend them, and hopefully convey how they work within the whole, which is perfect and rather easily understood once one has the experiential Knowledge.

The term Esochology began as simply "esochology", and the symbol (.) was added to refer to mukta-i-saveda, which means "The Black Point", or Tisra Til, or the "single eye" of the Bible [all refer to a subtle (non-physical) point between the two physical eyes] which is [if one can learn how to use one's ApaPsyche correctly] the entrance to the esoteric dimensions hidden within oneself.

Eso.chology, or Esochology, is simply the study of the whole of the human being. Who and what we really are. Pretty simple concept, but not always easy to discover because of the natural fear each of us has to exposing what one doesn't know about oneself. This fear is fear of the Unknown (UNK) stored within one's MIND.... and the MIND is dedicated to not exposing the UNK within itself. The MIND uses this fear of the UNK to prevent us from discovering subtle dissociated parts of ourselves hidden within our MINDs. And, for most of Man's existence, the MIND has been quite successful in hiding itself from us. With Esochology, this will begin to least for some individuals.

The entire purpose for creating the International Esochology Institute was to designate an organization that was specifically, and entirely dedicated to a study of the esoteric dimensions of the human being. If such a field of study is of interest to you, please contact us:,

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