"Let's Stop Suicide"


EsoEducation VS Suicide Project

I am James W. Patterson, Ph.D., Esogist, and I am just one person seeking to do what I can to stop the spread of suicide among our precious youth. If anyone would like to join with me, please feel free to do so. My email address is: esominder@yahoo.com.

The concept of EsoEducation is fairly simple. It seems a bit strange initially because it is unusual given what we are used to, but it is both natural and badly needed if we are to provide the help young people desperately need.

The basic concept of EsoEducation is this. It is not a youths brain that causes the youth to commit suicide, it is the youths MIND that does this... and the MIND directs the brain, and never the reverse. Modern mental health is in denial of the MIND realm, and therefore what needs to be addressed for youth is not being addressed. Indeed, the improperly trained professionals "treating" youth are unintentionally exacerbating the factors within a youths MIND that causes the youth to chose suicide.

I realize this message is strong medicine and distasteful to many. I can no longer stand by and allow youth to be led into suicide by improper treatment and ignorance without at least offering parents and youth the truth about what is doing on. For this reason I have launched the "EsoEducation VS Suicide Project". The goal is simple. I am offering a body of information specifically for youth. In this information is the Truth about what is going on within their MIND realms, and what they and their parents need to do to counteract this. In this material are symbols that a youths MIND will be exposed to and must respond to since the MIND must respond to a higher authority, and Truth from the Spiritual realm is a higher authority. This little known fact is axiomatic in a Psychology that has been ignored for over a century.

Many will initially resist what I have just said because it is unfamiliar to them. Do not dismiss it out of hand... please, because it is true... and it will help.


EsoEducation focuses on the Psychological factors causing young people to commit suicide. Youth mistakenly believe [and current mental health unintentionally reinforces this belief] that they only have one option open to them, and that is to kill themselves... before the "monster" they non-consciously believe exists within themselves manifests itself, and society will have to kill them. Is this "reasoning" delusional? Of course it is and it takes place at a level the youth is not even aware of cognitively. It takes place within the youths MIND. Most adults would recognize this as mistaken reasoning if such reasoning ever surfaced to a youths conscious awareness... but it rarely does. What I am urging the reader to realize is that those youth caught up in such reasoning are not capable of objective and dispassionate thinking because their "thinking" is being orchestrated by their MINDs, and they are unaware of this. And if the professional treating them is also unaware of this delusional process going on within the youth [which is unfortunately the case with 95% of current mental health professionals] then the "treatment" the youth is receiving will unintentionally exacerbate psychological dynamics operating within the youths MIND realm.

This is unfortunately not conjecture, or theory... is is a fact.

And now a mini course on Psychology as it should be taught to all professionals who would treat youth or anyone else for that matter.

At birth, one uses ones MIND to seek for ones identity. It does this vibrationally and at a level that the brain cannot perceive. The MIND, not unlike radar, searches the MINDs of ones parent (or parents) and what emotions are active within their MINDs are what ones MIND picks up and these are returned to ones own MIND. And what comes back is pain, fear, anxiety, regret, panic and perhaps a bit of terror as well. Realize that all this is from a mother who is giving birth.. and this is perfectly natural and not at all "CAUSED" by oneself.

But ones MIND misperceives that this is either being caused by oneself, or it is a reflection of who and what one is. Again, a misperception by ones MIND, but to ones MIND it seems real.

As awful as this may seem, it happens to every single person, and these negative misperceptions become a part of ones MIND realm that Freud referred to as the "Id". I refer to this body of negative emotions as the Negative Self-Image Composed of Misperceptions or NS-ICM. Every person has this NS-ICM within his/her MIND. So having it is natural, normal, and even necessary for reasons too mystical to be useful here.

The problem is not this NS-ICM, but the fact that many youth are more highly evolved Spiritually that other youth. The normal youth deals with the NS-ICM just fine. But those youth who are more Spiritually evolved are also more vulnerable to misperceptions and they take the misperceptions by their MINDs more intensely and therefore, the fear within them is also much more intense. These youth require a very intense sense of Unconditional Acceptance [as Carl Rogers put it in his book] from their parents to counteract the intense fear within their MINDs. This does not always happen.

Alas, it is the rare parent who possesses this level of Acceptance. Only a parent who has undergone an extensive program of psychotherapy designed to specifically discover and eliminate most misperceptions from within the parent would be capable of such a level of Acceptance needed by such "Spiritually evolved" youth. So the normal parent would unintentionally not be able to meet the psychological needs of such youth. The physical indications that such youth are having difficulty are presently labeled ADD, AD/HD, and a number of other labels. If the professional these youth are sent to for help had the proper training, and had achieved a level of "Acceptance" required of any competent theapist, then youth would receive the level of Acceptance for their misperceptions... alas, what the youth receive instead is a reinforcement of their fears from the fears of those who should be helping them. This causes the panic and terror within these youth to increase, and when it increases sufficiently, their MINDs, reaching a crisis in that their MINDs are no longer able to "vent" the converted energy of fear, panic and terror in bizarre behavior alone... shifts to a more effective idea of ending this problem by simply terminating life by suicide.

If it is easier to simply deny this reality I have articulated, and to label me a quack or someone who doesn't know what he is talking about... I understand natural reaction of people who have not discovered their own MIND realms.

What I am sharing is a verbalized picture of the dynamics going on within the MINDs of youth at a psychological level [which means at a fully non-conscious level]. And parents have been given misinformation for over a century now, and so I understand if parents are disposed to follow the prompting of mental health and simply deny reality and let "drugs" take responsibility for what happens to youth. They either get better or commit suicide.

I am sorry to be the messenger who brings the light of responsibility to bear on this issue. But I am doing my part, and what people do with what I am sharing is not up to me. My role is to inform, your role is to accept or deny.


I would be remiss if I failed to add one additional bit of information I gathered some years ago from a very reliable source. Anyone who commits suicide shifts from the physical realm to the next closest Astral realm, where one is in a disembodied form, that is, ones Astral form, and one is able to view what is happening on the physical plane, but one is unable to interact with the physical plane. One must also remain in this position until the allotted time of ones death arrives. At this point one must go before the "judge" that all people go before at death, and one must explain the reason one denied hundreds of other people the opportunity to pay off the Karma they incarnated to complete with oneself? One is also informed that one must go to a hell especially for suicides, and after than, one must reincarnate with a full Fate Karma, plus one must also take on all the Karma one failed to complete in ones last life.

Needless to say, this is a very heavy burden to bear... and this is mentioned in an attempt to make youth aware of the real cost of suicide.

My plea to youth contemplating suicide is to first consider these crucial points: 1. Who and what one is, in truth, is a Perfect Soul. 2. Ones fears are all delusional and although they seem quite real, they are not... so by simply embracing the energy of the fear and intensely grieving for having to experience such fear, the grief will mystically "erase" the fears. I know the tendency is to try and "control" oneself as a means of dealing with ones fear... and it takes quite a bit of "faith" to let go long enough to grieve. But take that chance, and trust that the grief will work. Grief is our Spiritual gift for all forms of MIND-level energies. Enough grief and many misperceptions are erased. I share this because I know that it is true, having done it myself, and having helped clients do this for over thirty years... very successfully I might add.

James W. Patterson, Ph.D., Esogist


Anyone desirous of sharing this information is given permission to do so, gratis and with my blessings. This may be copied, downloaded, or used in any way that one might imagine it to be useful. And to anyone making use of this, thank you for also attempting to curb the tide of death that is removing our most needed resources.