The Title


Who can use it, and how does one become "certified"?

The training for certification begins with a program of personal psychotherapy using a Gestalt format, but utilizing the concepts of Esochology to facilitate the deeply repressed misperceptions that make up ones NS-I, or Negative Self-Image [those traumata taken-on at the time of one's birth].

Then one begins a program of experiential study wherein one develops ones faculty of intuition which gives one access to the many bits of Knowledge and Empathic understanding one has stored within ones Apapsyche.

Finally one demonstrates ones competency by facilitating at least two clients in a full catharsis of the deeply repressed traumata from their births, and helping those clients process and integrate the bits of Apapsyche released to the Esotransmutation Process as a consequence of their catharsis. This demonstrated competency is observed by this student's clinical supervisor... an Esogist of course.

Following this, the student of Esochology is honored in a Certification Ceremony that bestows the title "Esogist" upon this individual, and this person is then authorized to use this title after his/her name. This is the ONLY way the title of "Esogist" is awarded. The name of this individual is placed on the wall of Esochology at the International Esochology Institute, and this individual joins a very select group of Esogists. This is indeed a great hornor, and the recipient knows well what he/she has achieved....a working Knowledge of the Esoteric realms within the WHB.

Should anyone not authorized to use this title be identified as using this title, the person thus dishonoring this title shall be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, and he/she will be publicly denounced world wide.
James W. Patterson, Ph.D., Esogist

Director, International Esochology Institute