Questions Important to Me



1. I Often feel separate from myself...

It is perfectly normal to have a sense that one is somehow separate from life, or from others. It is normal and natural to often feel as though others are aware of life in ways that oneself is not, and that something seems to be "missing". These experiences are caused by either of two possibilities. One possibility is that the experience is a means by which ones MIND subtly beats one up, causing one to feel bad, or less than others.... or the other possibility is that ones experience is a subtle "insight" where the Attn Aspect of your Apapsyche shifts your Attn Aspect into the Astral realm within you and the "separation" you sense is the subtle separation that actually exists between the Astral realm and the physical realm. This is rarely mentioned by mental health today only because this reality is not part of the training of modern mental health professionals.

2. What is "depression"?

I have explained to my clients over many years now that "depression", or those experiences people have that are referred to as depression, are the results of of an event taking place within oneself that ones MIND is responsible for and this event is taking place at a "psychological level". If you believe you know what "psychological" means, then read on... if not, then take a little time and bring yourself up to speed... click HERE .