"ESOCHOLOGY: definition and exposition"



Eso (Greek) means "within", chology also Greek, means a study of. The term "Esochology" refers to a study of the Esoteric realms within the Whole Human Being (WHB) from "within" these realms themselves. NEW CONCEPT!

What does within mean? I am using the term "within" here in a mystical sense in that it refers to the two Esoteric realms [whose vibrational realities ones brain cannot perceive] that exist within the WHB, and I am saying that not only can these be studied... but others may be "taught" to study them as well. And that is definitely a new concept.

Am I seriously suggesting that the Esoteric MIND and Spiritual realms within Man can be studied?

Indeed I am. But I am stressing the point that these Esoteric realms cannot be studied by ones brain. And this is where I loose those in mental health today, and probably all those who have bought into the BS&p denial of the Esoteric two-thirds of Man. And this is perfectly OK. No reason we cannot begin to capture the century we have lost as a nation relative to our natural Spiritual evolution that we have denied over this lost century.

The impact of a century of denial of the Esoteric within Man has resulted in a field of mental health where the vast majority of those in the field have no idea what the MIND of Man is, where it is, how it works, or how it comes to be in conflict within people. Now, what does this say about a "mental" health field when the vast majority of its professionals have no idea what the MIND is? But how can this be explained?

As strange as it seems, what exists in mental health today dates back to B.F. Skinner, and his idea of "Behaviorism" offered in the early 1900's. Unknown to him [he was fully ignorant of the MIND realm] his idea was, in actuality and quite unknown to himself, a projection of the DM=SI of his own MIND [Defense Mechanism equals Subtle Insanity], or the primary Defense Mechanism of the MIND as a new alternative for the study and treatment of Man.

In other words, that which protected him from becoming aware of the Esoteric realms within himself [the DM=SI of his own MIND] was put forth as Delusional Thinking fed to the Left-Hemisphere of his brain as his new alternative to Psychology. He actually sought to manifest a normally Esoteric and basic form of subtle insanity of the DM=SI of the MIND that prevents people from discovering the Esoteric within themselves, as his alternative to Psychology.

The truly amazing thing is that those in Psychology at the time apparently did not realize this, or if they did they apparently did not object to this insanity. The net result was that tens of thousands rushed to study a "new psychology" that Skinner said did not require one to undergo personal psychotherapy... because there was nothing within oneself that could account for ones present behavior. This delusional notion of Skinner was, of course, the DM=SI of his own MIND "protecting" him by a clear denial of reality.

But that was then, and what is of concern to me now is that despite the objections of those in mental health today, they are following precisely the path of denial of the Esoteric within Man that Skinner projected a century ago. I see this as a serious problem with numerous social implications. I am writing a book, and I have almost finished it that addresses this entire thing.

I coined the term Esochology as my alternative to the oxymoron "behavioral psychology" because I believe that after a century of disinformation and many thousands being heavily invested in maintaining the denial of the Esoteric in Man, that an entirely new approach would be easier to achieve than to re-train an entire field of study.

Esochology is really quite simple to the lay person because it is based on what exists within the Whole Human Being. Esochology is natural, very effective and the client/patient completes what needs to be addressed in a very short period of time... relatively speaking.

Esochology is only "difficult" for those who would seek to become Knowledgeable in the field of study. And even this is not that difficult for those who are naturally gifted regarding psychic gifts, or are open to developing such faculties within themselves. But the study of Esochology is almost impossible for someone whose MIND is not open to the exploration of the Esoteric realms within him/herself. Esochology can ONLY BE STUDIED FROM WITHIN ONES ESOTERIC REALMS THEMSELVES. Esochology is entirely an experiential study. It cannot be studied with the brain or by thinking. And in this, it is completely opposite what passes as BS&P [Behavioral Science and psychology] today.

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