Who and What am I? WHAT IS PHILOSOPHY if it isn't an attempt to seek answers to Who, What, and Why are we? The next question is probably "what is life?" The answer to this question is self evident when one knows who, what, and why one is. So, let me attempt to provide an educated perspective on who, what, and why we are.

Let me begin by stressing the fact that who you are differs from who you appear to be, or who you think you are. Who you are cannot actually be perceived by your brain or your physical senses. I understand that this is a difficult statement to accept. To accept it means that you must acknowledge the fact that you do not know who you are... and this "unknown" ranges with individuals from just being disturbing to being quite [often unconsciously] frightening.

Who you are is a Soul. But, until you are able to actually "experience" this reality, you can only hold the abstract label of "Soul" in your brain. The reason you cannot "see" your Soul with your physical eyes is that your Soul consists of a vibrational energy that is too subtle for your physical senses to perceive.

Let us take a quick overview of the entire human being. Starting on the outside, you are your physical body, including your brain and physical senses. Most efforts of Western science are limited to the physical and tangible realm of the the human being. This is unfortunate because the physical human being only represents one-third of who and what you are.
Moving "inside" from your physical body we next encounter your "Astral Body". This is a subtle vibrational body that is not physical, nor tangible, but which is more real than your physical body. The Astral body is where your "lower MIND" resides. Intuition, psychic insight, memory of past lives, etc., reside within your Astral body. The Astral realm itself is also where the heavens of most religions exist, and where Nivana resides. But, the Astral realm is an entire realm removed from the physical and the beginning of the Spiritual realms.
The next "inner" dimension of what you are is your "Causal Body". This is the realm of the "Higher MIND". It is also very subtle, and is composed of more Spiritual than physical energy. Most of the tendencies of the Causal Body are inward directed. This level of vibrational reality is rarely experienced by human beings and even great yogis rarely achieve this level of CONS.

Finally, at your core is the Spiritual realm, within which resides your Soul. The energy of your Soul is a reflection of God. I believe this pure Spiritual energy is Neutral Spiritual energy. The term "Neutral" is of critical importance in that the term "Neutral" allows the concept of "Neutrality" which serves as the key to unlocking the entire mystery of Creation. Question: How would something that is "Neutral" discover what it is? The answer is, Creation. Creation serves as a mirror for that which created and sustains it. -

So, who you are is a Soul, consisting of Neutral Spiritual energy. What you are is three simultaneously existing, and yet separate vibrational realms of energy. This leaves us with "why" you are. Why are we? To discover who and what we are, of course.