Updated: August 12, 2007

OMG, this page is still around. How crazy is that? I haven't written anything since 2004. I still really don't have anything to add because I've been so busy in my real life and job. I'm now a parent...how scary is that? I have a beautiful two year old baby girl who takes up all the time that my husband and work doesn't. Maybe one day I'll finish an incomplete story or start a new one. I wouldn't hold my breath, though.

In the meantime, enjoy and have fun!

Now, all the legal stuff...Paramount pictures and its affliates are the end all, be all, own all of Star Trek. I make no claim to the Trek universe or any of the characters except for the ones *I* created. You may NOT use ANY of them, nor may you use the characters created by Tracy Sobeski that are on loan to me.

Please respect my rights to my stories AND my graphics. Do not steal or take credit for them. It's in poor taste.