Motto:"The History of Religions is destined to play an important role in contemporary cultural life. This is not only because an understanding of exotic and archaic religions will significantly assist in a cultural dialogue with the representatives of such religions. It is more especially because ... the history of religions will inevitably attain to a deeper knowledge of man. It is on the basis of such knowledge that a new humanism, on a world-wide scale, could develop."

(Mircea Eliade)


Mircea Eliade International Literary Society (MEILS)  was established on 9 March 1998 (the anniversary of Eliade's birth) in Sydney, Australia by Octavian Sarbatoare. 
It  is a virtual, non-profit organization having the purpose to inform the readers about a variety of literary works most of them having to do with studies in religions and sacred experience in a scholarly as well as more easily to understand manner.

Affiliation to the society is mainly of a symbolical nature. We use the simple terminology 'friends of MEILS' for those who adhere to it. Becoming a friend of MEILS is free. This virtual society of friends of Mircea Eliade intends to unite people from various cultural backgrounds, those who have in common love and appreciation for Mircea Eliade's exceptional work contributions to the history of religions and the betterment of the culture of humanity. 
We also promote knowledge and scholarship in those areas in which Mircea Eliade has remarkable contributions. Friends of MEILS are encouraged to open various projects, discussing the sacred experience themes. 
The site is also a multilingual source of scholarly information for readers. The language of information is English. Personal contributions can be in any language. 
(Octavian Sarbatoare for MEILS)