Miscellaneous Photos of Various Relatives, Places, Pets,  and Events 
of the Augspurger Family

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    Aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, nephews, in-laws, neighbors, friends, pets and places; also those pictures that just seem to defy fitting into any other category - it's all here and you may be surprised who and what does turn up in here.
#1. My Grandparents - Grandma & Pop Augspurger #2. The city slicker and the farmer's daughter - Are those matching outfits they have on? Frank Meyer and Angela Olson
#3. Rosalie, Suzanne, & Lew combined their toys to make a busy metropolis #4. Rosalie and Max shortly after they were married and holding their new puppy Copper 
#5. Rosalie and Max's (now Angela's) farmhouse in the snow one winter many, many years ago #6. This is Lew's dog Lady - I really missed her when she left - Lady got a bad rap
#7. This is a picture of all the cousins taken a very long time ago - starting at the top they are: Sonny, Suzanne, Donna, Rosalie, Lew, Jerry, Ronnie, Marty, Lynette, Jack, & Karl #8. Uncle Ed and Aunt Mary shortly after they got married, standing in front of the rose trellis in the front yard of the house on Melbourne
#9, This is my grandfather, Joseph Francis Fernihough III, a good looking guy and Ruth Augspurger's father and the brother of Eric Fernihough - the famous motorcycle racer #10. Uncles Harold Kuhn and Harold Shinkle, my Mom, and Aunt Mary Augspurger, the "in-laws" of the family back then
#11. This is a link to my great uncle Eric Fernihough, whom I was named after, world famous motorcycle racer from the 1930's #12. This is link to an article that Eric Fernihough wrote about his racing career a few days before Eric died in a crash trying to break his own world speed record on a motorcycle
#13. Remember the old Rialto movie theater in downtown Peoria back in the 1960's - I loved that place #14. Max and Rosalie sitting in Mom and Dad's living room - just after Xmas of 1963
#15. The newest member of our family - Madeline Meyer - daughter of Frank and Barbara - 1/15/2004 #16. Webster Grade School - left to right - 2nd row-1st person-DAD - 8 years old // 1st row-7th person - Aunt Pauline (Augspurger - later Kuhn)
#17. Dorothy and Clifford Lagron (friends of Mom and Dad)- Clifford was home on leave from the Army - WWII 1943 #18. Our old neighbor at 1217 E. Melbourne - Bill Ryan sitting on his steps (and me the sailor)
#19. Mom with friends (who?) in the spring of 1939 outside of the Peoria Stadium #20. The original Augspurgers in the spring of 1941 - Louis, Norma, Ed, Grandma, Grandpa, and Pauline

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