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The new design for the site was design to help the overall 'feel' and add more interactive features directly in. Also, a strong emphasis was put on getting a better navigation system.

Overall 'Feel'
The overall 'feel' I thought could be best improved by more colorful graphics and colored tables. I think this adds a bit more life into the other pages. Also, adding the side bars for easy access to neat features was a must. I also added the search box to every page, since that generally can find a query very quickly.

Interactive Features
While the site had a voting booth before, I felt that not enough people were using it. By adding relevant questions to different main pages it helps interactiveness. I also added a classifieds section where people can add their ad for free. The message board has not changed much yet, if you have an idea to help get more posts, send me a note.

This is something I decided I had to improve. The text links at the top and bottom of the pages were good, but as the site got larger, the list got longer. I fixed the problem with the following:
- A new navigation bar at the bottom of each page. It includes a jumpbox to site sections and a search box.
- A link to the navigation bar is at the top of each page (it just jumps the user down)
- A new 'back' button. Using JavaScript it will bring you back to the page you were previously at.

I also changed the site structure a bit. I added the 'news' directory. I combined awards, webrings, about, and contact all into the 'Site Information' heading. I might change them a bit more still

There are also hundreds of little changes that I don't have the time to tell you about.

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