Butterscotch says "Going for an award huh? Good luck" ^_^

If you would like to apply for an award just send me an e-mail with the following information:

E-Mail Subject = Award Application
Your Name
Website Name
Website URL
Why you think your website deserves an award

I redid my awards! If you want to trade in your old one and get one of these just e-mail me.
I now judge websites based on the catogory they would fit best in using these awards.
Note: If you recieve one of my awards then you will be linked on my link page. If you do not put your award up in a suitable amount of time then you will be deleted from that list of winners.
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If you think my site deserves your award please e-mail me to let me know that I qualify!
The Exceptional Site Award are for those that would like to apply for an award but do not have a My Little Pony site. You still of course have to have some kind of site to display it at though.
This Superior Web Design award goes to those with truely superior layouts, graphics, and content shown thewout their site.
This Outstanding Content award goes to those who have lots of outstanding and interesting content. Mainly websites that offer more than the norm to their visitors.
The Wonderful Site award is an overall award that goes to those that show alot of hard work and a true dedication to pony collecting  threwout their website.