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There are many commands available to communicate with other players including: say, tell, yell, shout, speak, whisper, emote, emoteto, [Lines] and mudMail.  For languages, you only know your own races language to start and need to study before you will understand other languages. You can study at the sage who is 2n,e,s from the Keiron [].

For the examples below:
Bob - Your character's name.
Marvin - Secondary player's name (needed for some commands)
Output - What the other player(s) will see.
Farsi - One of the languages in ShadowMUD

Command Description
Say Use say when you want all players in the current room to hear.
Syntax: say <text>
Example: say Hello there!
Sample Output: Bob says: Hello there!
Tell Used to send a message to a single player only.
Syntax: tell <player> <text>
Example: tell marvin Hello there!
Sample Output: Bob tells you: Hello there!
Yell Sends a message to all nearby rooms.
Syntax: yell <text>
Example: yell Hello there!
Sample Output: You hear an ogre* yell: Hello there!
* Replaced by race of the character yelling.
Shout Broadcast message to everyone in the game in your race's language.
Syntax: shout <text>  or   shout in <language> <text>
Example: shout Hello there!  or  shout in farsi Hello there!
Sample Output: Bob shouts in farsi: Hello there!
Speak Same as the SAY command but allows you to speak a specific language.
Syntax: speak <text>  or  speak in <language> <text>
Example: speak Hello world  or  speak in farsi Hello there!!
Sample Output: Bob says something in farsi: Hello there!
Whisper Sends a message to a single person in the same room, others in the room can see you whisper but cannot see your text.
Syntax: whisper <player> <text>
Example: whisper marvin Hello there!
Sample Output: Bob whispers to youi: Hello there!
Others in the room would see: Bob whispers something to Marvin.
Emote Used to show actions/gestures to players in the same room.
Syntax: emote <action text>
Example: emote just bit his tongue.
Sample Output: Bob just bit his tongue.


Same as emote but is only to a single person anywhere in the game.
Syntax: emoteto <player> <action text>
Example: emoteto marvin just bit his tongue.
Sample Output: *Bob just bit his tongue.
Lines are common channels for chatting with other players.  There are many lines that you can have at one time.  Classes and guilds have their own lines.  There are lines based on level newbies (1-5), mids (6-19), hms (20-50) and the chat channel available to all players level 6+.  In the examples below replace [Line] and [Lineemote] with the line you want to use.
Syntax: [Line] <text>  or  [Lineemote] <action text>
Example: cleric Hello there!  or  chatemote just bit his tongue.
Sample Output: [Cleric] Bob: Hello there!  or  [Chat] Bob just bit his tongue.

Valid Lines Include:

newbie, mid, hm, chat, fighter, mage, rogue, monk, cleric, council (only for members of a class council), guild specific lines.
Mudmail Send mudmail to someone in the game and give them something to read when they login.  To access mail you need to visit the post office which is 2s,w from the Keiron [].  Hms can access the mail commands from anywhere in the mud.  When finished editing your message type a period by itself on a line.
Syntax: mail <player>