Welcome To Junkosoft

This website is home to all the video games of Momewraith. Mostly, these are unfinished text adventure games written in Quest 3.5. All of the games feature Age Regression and Transgender fantasy themes. I really don't have any intention of ever finishing any of these games, so feel free to take any of the source code provided and do whatever you want with it.

Operation: Sleepover
Finished Quest game. This final version includes version 2.1 and Classic Sleepover in their entirety. Source code is not provided.
See also The Sleepover Strategy Guide and Sleepwalk, the complete Sleepover walkthru.
Quest Nucleic Acid. The clothing and transformation engine originally created for Sleepover v2. Includes complete instructions for how to use in creating your own AR/TG Quest games and a game file that demos all the functions.
Operation Babysitter
Unfinished Quest game, source code provided.
The Pirate Game
Unfinished Quest game, source code provided.
Whitehaven: The Alchemist's Maze
Unfinished Quest game, source code provided.
Operation Fingerpainting
Unfinished standalone graphical game. No source code provided.
TG Mario
Three hacked NES roms. NES emulator required, not included.