Operation: Sleepover v2.0
Official Strategy Guide
2005 Junkosoft

This is the official strategy guide for Operation Sleepover version 
2.0. This guide is divided into sections: General Strategy and The 
Guide. General strategy is just basic hints to make the game interface 
work more smoothly. The Guide is a set of hints for every puzzle in the 
game. If you're unhappy with this strategy guide in any way, feel free 
to email me. But remember: I wrote this guide so people would stop 
emailing me asking for game solutions. My email address is available in 
Operation: Sleepover simply by typing readme at basically any point in 
the game.

Operation: Sleepover v2.0 can be distributed freely anywhere without my 
permission. The same rules apply to this strategy guide, as long as no 
alterations are made to it in any way.

	General Strategy

Sleepover is a text adventure game in which you play the part of a 
teenage boy trying to spy on his little sister's slumber party. 
Basically, you're the main character of a short story, so be prepared 
to read a lot. Reading everything on the screen is very important. You 
may have played version 1.x of Operation: Sleepover in the past. 
Version 2 is kind of like that new Battlestar Gallactica series. It's 
similar to the old one, but completely different.

The controls are the same as any other text adventure game. Typre 
North, South, etc (or simply N, S, etc) to move between rooms. When you 
see something that might be interesting, type look  (or l 
) to look at it, or examine  (or ex  (or take ) to pick 
it up. Type inventory (Or inv or i or look at self) to see what you're 
carrying, as well as what you're character looks like and is wearing. 
To use an item, you'll normally type use . To use two items 
together, type use  on .

Normally, Quest has a side panel that will allow you to perform most of 
these actions with your mouse. However, in Operation: Sleepover, this 
feature has been disabled because there are several other commands 
which you will have to use to complete the game. The most important of 
these commands are listed here. Type wear  to put on a piece of 
clothing, and remove  to take it off. Type open  to 
open something up and see what's inside. You can also type say 
 to make your character say something outloud. Another 
important command is help. Typing this will give you a complete list of 
all possible game commands.

I like cheese, and I'll bet that you do too. Unfortunately, it is 
completely worthless in this game. The cheese is not the only worthless 
item, either. Just because something is neat doesn't mean it will do 
anything. If you have something that you're sure should do something, 
but it doesn't, your best bet is to type use  or use  
on . But, don't be sure that something should do something.

Important: Don't ever save and restore your game. It will mess 
everything up.

Think outside of the box.

	The Guide

---- Warning! ----

Below is the game guide. Its purpose is to give you hints to figure out 
the game's puzzles. It will not usually directly give you game 
solutions, but it will make the game extremely easy if you read it all 
the way through. The Surgeon General warns that if the game is easy, 
it's not very fun. Only look in this section if you are _completely_ 
stumped, and then try not to look past the puzzle you're working on 
right now.

Your Bedroom:
If you weren't interested in spying on Amy's party before, Amisael's 
little talk certainly inspired you. Too bad you're stuck here. Looks 
like you'll have to spend the time working on your homework instead.

Taking a Peek:
Amy's party is downstairs, behind locked doors. There is a way to spy 
on what they're doing, but you'll have to get through the darkness to 
see it. Hey buddy, got a light? If you do, make sure you use it to look
around a bit.

Growing Up:
That faery probably thinks she's real funny. But she made a mistake 
when she made you two years old. That's old enough to cause lots of 
trouble. That's why it's called the terrible twos. Speaking of twos, 
there's two things that might help you get into Amy's room. If Grandpa 
were still alive, he'd be able to figure out what to do with them. Of 
course, Grandpa was a bar tender, so his thinking was usually impaired 
by a mixed drink.

Amy's Room:
That crystal ball didn't end up doing you any good, did it? Now that 
you're a bit older and wiser, and you have a standing invitation to 
join the party, you might as well go downstairs. Oh, you're locked in, 
aren't you? Can't get out? There's just no delicate way to say this. 
Unlock the door.

Getting into the Party:
If you head downstairs, you'll find yet another locked door. I bet if 
you knocked, someone would open it. The thing is, this is a slumber 
party, and if you want in, you'd better be wearing some pajamas. You'll 
find some of Amy's old clothing nearby that can fit you, but it will 
need to be repaired. But, now that you're a girl, that should be no 
problem. In fact, you can probably sew as well as Mom now.

Your Choice:
At this point, you can basically chose your gender. Any boy should be 
able to answer the sports trivia questions that the girls could ask you 
here, but that doesn't necessarily mean you'd want to. I don't know 
about you, but if I was in this situation, I'd probably tell them that 
I think the Dallas Cowboys are an NBA team.

Regardless of what your answer was, you'll probably want to go through 
again to see the second ending. But stop along the way to pick up some 
extra credit points. After you've become a girl, you'll find that you 
have some amazing female powers that can help you out in more ways than 
sewing up your jammies. You should also be able to find a preview for 
the upcoming Legacy of Leon video game. Once you've done both these 
things, go check out the party. After answering the question, you'll be 
given a secret code to use the next time you play.

A Link to the Past:
Go ahead and restart the game. Use the code and go through the game 
just like you did last time. Eventually, you will be asked if you want 
to play Operation: Sleepover. That's a silly question, isn't it? You're 
already playing Operation: Sleepover. Answer yes anyway and you'll be 
able to play the original Operation: Sleepover game in its entirety.

Girls Only:
Most people have no trouble with the start of this game. Go explore the 
house and pick up any items you think may be useful. Also make sure you 
look at anything that might be important. Eventually, you'll find 
you've become a seven year-old girl. If you can't make it that far, 
then maybe text adventure games just aren't for you.

Dressing the Part:
If you want into this party, you'll have to dress like the other girls. 
Remeber the girl in the sewing room? If you can find some scissors and 
a needle and thread, you should have no trouble altering your clothes 
to look like hers. The syntax can get a little tricky here (because I 
didn't alter it from the original), but the game should help you out 
with what to type.

One Thirty-Seven:
Now to get all 137 points available in the original. Make sure you've 
taken care of your laundry and head to your sister's room. Growing 
girls need support. Once you have that, you can get the diapers without 
turning into a baby. Hide them somewhere right before you go into the 
party. For added fun, add up all the points you get on a piece of paper 
as you get them. I somehow made a mistake in the original. Your score 
should be 145, but it's only 137. I kept it that way to preserve the 
historical integrity of the game.

Sparks and Smoke:
You will now receive a new magical item. With this in hand, two more 
endings are open two you. Just go down to the party and answer the 
question however you'd like. You see, Amisael isn't counting on you 
having a magic item.

The Fifth Element:
This game was advertized as having "approximately five brand-new 
endings," so here you go. After Amisael turns you into a baby, grab a 
long, metal object and stick it in an electrical outlet. What, not 
funny? Actually, the fifth new ending is a new ending to the original 
sleepover. For those of you unfamiliar with the original, it's the 
ending you get when you enter the party without all 137 points.

The end:
With the help of this guide, you should be able to access all the 
game's endings. For handy reference, here's the complete list of 
End as a 9 year old boy
End as a 9 year old girl
End as a 13 year old girl
End as a 17 year old faery

And, for the classic Operation: Sleepover game-in-a-game:
End as a 13 year old boy (Mission Failed ending)
End as a baby girl
End as a 10 year old girl
End as a 13 year old boy (137 points ending)

    Source: geocities.com/momewraith